The Heaviness of Weight


I KNOW ALL TOO WELL THE DIFFICULTIES OF STRUGGLING WITH WEIGHT. I AM A MOTHER, BUSINESS WOMAN, and WIFE. How could I make the time to exercise with everything I was doing. But reality set in when I found myself over 200 lb…. after my third child. I had to make some serious changes, or keep gaining weight. Putting myself at great health risk. Such as Type II diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart disease. My body fat was close to 50%. and at times I needed help to get into my bed. Do to the pain in my knees. I had had an injury years back the damage my knees, and the weight on my small 5 “3” frame was too much for them to handle. I felt overwhelmed, like most women I was athletic in high school and I didn’t have a weight problem until after giving birth.

My first course of action was to get plastic surgery. A tummy tuck and breast reduction and lift. Yet to my dismay the Dr. informed me that I had to lose at least 40 lb.. And wait one more year. Since my youngest was just 8.5 mos. Now I really felt hopeless. As many women out there feel. But I am here to tell you that you can do it!! I decided to take matters into my own hands and transform myself back to my teenage years. I studied and researched human anatomy, I became a Certified nutritionist and personal trainer. And with the encouragement of my husband and children I was able to BRING MY SEXY BACK!!!. I went from a size 16 to a 6 in six weeks. Your first thought maybe how could someone do this, but the most important thing was the way I ate. I didn’t starve myself. I ate six healthy meals a day, to help raise my metabolism. I also found that there are some foods that are good for you, but there are certain times for the day your should eat them. I also found that you can eat late if you need too, debunking the myths that you shouldn’t eat past 6,7 or even 8 o’clock at night. But the most important thing is what you choose to eat late at night that will make the difference.

The Product

After Lacole Broadus: 85lbs. smaller


We do not have the same schedules, some of us have to study, work late or stay up while the kids are asleep doing laundry. And I did not put myself a diet. I made a life change, and now five years later I have more then kept the weight off. I am a healthy size 0. A pro-figure Competitor, and a personal trainer that has made life changes in many clients. After all this success I have decided to share my knowledge with everyone. My goal is for every family to be healthy, and to take the frustration away from women who are trying desperately to lose weight. So I created the “Fitness Compulsion Starter Kit”. You can buy all the fitness DVDs you want, join all the fitness classes, and get the latest fitness equipment. But if you do not have a handle on your eating habits you will keep having problems. So in this kit you will get a kitchen scale, way of life meal plan, and all the right tools to help you make your own transformation.

Fitness Compulsion Starter Kit: For Weight loss

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Meal Plan: Eat 6 healthy meals a day

Kitchen Scale: For Protein Portion size

Water Bottle: 64 oz. a day
Lunch Bag: Made from neoprene (the wetsuit material)