The Great Seed To Plant

money seed
plant growing out of gold and silver coins isolated on white background close-up

There are many various types of seed, each with a different purpose. Creating something that will help both the grower and the buyer is the sower’s goal. Wherever the seed is planted, plants will start their attack on the germinating seed. Any farmer or gardener will quickly agree that the challenges they face will be a constant battle.

One of the favorite seeds that Christians sow is money. The purpose is that the “money seed” will end in the reaping of financial blessings. Many of these planters believe that their debts will get cleared through economic yield, and any practical gains will attest to God’s blessings. The Bibles they use for seeding finances are carried out of context or developed so far that it becomes a developed doctrine. Every Follower needs to cancel any preconceived ideas about financial giving and reexamined all the Scriptures that have been the chief of the “prosperity gospel.” Look at the meaning of the material.

What was the purpose in those circumstances? It won’t be easy to isolate oneself from preconceived opinions. Unlearning false teachings, especially those hardened in the mental pavement, will take a jackhammer force. What is our goal in searching God’s Word? Is it not to know the Truth? So much of Christianity is focused on materialism. When one gets money out of the Christian equation, it will reveal how foolish the Church has become, especially in spiritual truths.

So much of the Church’s doctrines are elucidative instead of Scripturally authentic. Much of our pedagogy revolves around the “advance theory,” which tries to share what the Bible is “truly” saying. There are so many adaptations of the Bible that it has left earnest seekers confounded about what image of words carries the real Truth.

Diversification of teachings, particularly on the same subject, has made the worldly observers’ responses inanity. What is necessitated is an improvement in the Church, not in Believers’ bodies, but the Church Believers’.

Whatever the entrances of our local churches, we all want to come to our knees and ask for forgiveness for our shortcomings. One of Jesus’ last prayers was that” His disciples would be united, just as He and God are one.” (John 17:21) Much of Christians’ dialogue focuses on what Church they belong to, rather than WHOM. We must end improving buildings and begin manifesting the Foundation of our faith. (Ephesians 2:20) We need to stop picking and choosing Scriptures that form a doctrine that sets us. We must stop declaring selected Scriptures that can be turned and shifted into means of inclusiveness. We must stop giving a diversification of Believers, for we are all one in Christ.

The seed we sow must always be ready to give a result that will take the honor to God. Universal sources have division and self-promotion. When the Church plants the seed of God’s whole world, it will undergo remarkable growth spiritually.

Our whole life should be committed to living more like Jesus. The “money seed” raised today is more like the Rich Young Ruler questing for everlasting life, but his heart was on financial successes. (Matthew 19:16-26) If we seek financial security, we will not get it by sowing money to earn money but by seeking first and only the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 6:33)

Let us plant seeds of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, virtue, faith, humility, temperance, and then harvest the fruit that will make a starving nation to the Table!