by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 14, 2020, at 1:00 pm

Never underestimate the POWER of the GOD factor in any situation, especially when the YOU factor, the THEY factor, the THEM factor, and the THAT factor are a part. Know that NO MATTER WHAT… people are no match and never will be for the POWER OF GOD in ANY situation.

The reason why it’s sometimes difficult for others to “reach back” and help their own is b/c it’s very exhaustive and takes a lot of TIME, ENERGY, and RESOURCES to CONVINCE someone who has been plagued w/doubt of all the great things they can do. It is much easier to just stay in a place where people have dreams that they THINK can come true than in a place where people have conditioned themselves to stop dreaming altogether.

You can place the same object in front of two people… One will view it as a blessing and the other as a curse. WHY IS THAT? Because people see with the eyes of their experience and their perspective, not with the consideration of the intentions of the gift or giver.

How can two walks together except they are agreed? There are complements to one another, and a fit of opposites can occur….but know that the basic premise for all sentence structures is subject/verb agreement… the same in friendships, partnerships, and relationships.

The most beautiful part about life is the LOVE that vibrates from person to person, the APPRECIATION that echoes from person to person to nature’s things, and the UNDERSTANDING that vibrates from one to another that everything that happens is purposed for the HIGHEST GOOD of all involved, whether they realize and accept it or not.

The person who said to thine own SELF be valid must have known that that is the only way to stay your course and see your destiny to the end.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting for GOOD things to come to you b/c they certainly will… However, GREATNESS is sought after, captured, and achieved… it comes to and waits for no one.

The one thing people don’t realize is that you can talk a lot when your message is truth b/c what you say will always be consistent. You can be silent and tell little; however, if what you are speaking doesn’t measure or add up, then…. LOL Either way, balance in all things is healthy and wise.

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