“The evolution of faith usually spanning millions of years, typically looks like this:

Not believing in “the Universe.”

Believing in “the Universe,” but secretly doubting it, too.

Fearing “the Universe,” but secretly loving it, too.

Loving “the Universe,” but secretly fearing it, too.

I realize that “the Universe” was you, all along.

Yours truly,
The Universe”

You have rights to your feelings. You can believe you can fear; you can love, you can hate, you can do basically; whatever you want, as long as it is legal and not destructive. If you had the opportunity to go 20 years into the future; purchase an Almanac of all the sporting events or the index of all the stock market; come back to the present and start bidding or investing. Wouldn’t that be SPECTACULAR; (hint: Back to the Future II, when the older Biff gave the Almanac of all sporting events of the next 50 years to his younger self to invest and become wealthy)? You have the results in front of you, so it is guaranteed wealth right,? You might say I do not want to distort the future because it wasn’t meant to be for me to be wealthy so I might screw something up. If we follow the logic of Hollywood, yes, you might create an alternate future that would have never occurred if you didn’t possess this Almanac. This alternate future based on your actions or behaviors focusing, on what you created with your pursuit of wealth and happiness. There is nothing wrong with that. With power comes significant responsibilities.

While you pursue this wealth and happiness (even without the Almanac), never forgot who you were when you first started. With your humble beginning and your hard work and the constant pursuit of your dreams, you will appreciate more what’s coming to you. You might see success quickly or deal with lots of failures. You might be angry at everyone as to why you can’t make things happen even with your 24/7 work schedule. You might point fingers to him or her for all your shortcomings. You need to remember ONE thing. All of what is happening is the result of your thoughts. You created all of this and, it is with your thinking that you can change all this again. One little failure might generate a slew of negative thoughts which can, if not under control, have a ripple effect on many more negative outcomes in your life. As per the famous mantra”: Thoughts become things”(The Secret:2006) and with your thoughts, you render either positive or negative situations. If you know that and you apply it to your everyday thinking, why would you choose the negative? The answer is right in front of you, just like the Almanac with the exact scores of all sporting events in the 21st century.