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Nafeesa Muqtasid
Nafeesa is a Fashion Professional and Enthusiast. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology she has worked with companies such as Vogue and Butterick Patterns, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, JC Penney’s Arizona and Jordache. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York she is a lover of art, music and world traveler.

So, we’re going to be spending a great deal of time with these masks on! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been adding expression to your communication through your hand gestures, body movements, and EYES!

While there is so much to be said about mask-wearing in public, the biggest feature is that we’re forced to connect through eye contact more than ever. I don’t know about you, but not being able to see what someone is saying and relying on the other senses has taken its toll on me. I have to focus on a person’s facial expression for communication as much as possible because I don’t have the benefit of reading their lips, being able to stand too close or witness their gorgeous smile.  Think of this time as an opportunity instead of a hindrance.

Since everyone is paying more attention to your eyes, give them something beautiful to gaze upon.  I am suggesting the importance of eye makeup. This is a chance for you to add lashes, perfect that liquid liner, learn about the perfect smoky eye and intensify that eyelid with color.

Lashes are something I just don’t go without. I love the look and find that once I put them on, very little makeup is needed. While people constantly ask if “they are mine”, I still prefer added length and thickness. Lashes offer drama. I believe the secret to great-looking lashes is consistency. Don’t overdo them so you look like a giraffe, but add enough so mascara becomes a thing of the past. Each blink becomes a sonnet.

Liquid liner is another opportunity for the drama. While you can be the girl who does the lash and liner remember the liner is strong enough to stand on its own. Just like a calligraphy pen, allow the pointed tip to accentuate all positive details of your eyes with a thick line in the middle and that oh so special swoosh at the end!  I believe the classic black works best but make sure you try different ideas based on your skin, eye color and find what will best highlight your features.

The same opportunities apply for pencil liners as well. While more rigid than liquid lines, you may feel more comfortable and be able to harness more control with the pencil. Using charcoal or basic pencil gives you the ability to smear for that famous smokey eye.

You will never hide, in these shadows but rather show yourself. Use bright colors that will highlight your eye color, your outfits, or your mood.

This is the strongest and most dramatic change in eye enhancement without contacts. I believe in the opportunity to show your personality with strong color. There have been excellent advancements in cream applications and saturated colors, which are important in the quality of your expression.

The punctuation on your sentence is the eyebrow. What better way to accentuate your beautiful eyes and eye makeup then making sure your eyebrows look just as good.

Brow pencils help to add depth to your eyebrows by giving you a more saturated appearance. You don’t want your eyebrows to spear gangly or sparse. A clean eyebrow with little or no stray hair helps to keep the importance on your eyes and eye makeup.

I believe having a good eyebrow helps to make your eye makeup stronger.  The eyebrows help to frame your face and allow others to take your eye makeup more seriously.

Make sure you keep all these ideas in mind, when looking to enhance your look and how everyone else looks at you! These days we have a plethora of demonstrations, online teaching you how to apply makeup. Take advantage of digital classes, because it allows you to learn a new skill, have a great look, and stay safe with continuous social distancing.

Please look, to stay safe!

Happy gazing!♥️


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