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The Courage of a Leader

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The Courage of a Leader

courage of a leader

Do you have the COURAGE of a leader? One of the least discussed assets and attributes, needed by leaders, is to truly be courageous!

This means they must be ready, willing and able, to face challenges and obstacles, thrown their way, as well as the courage of their convictions, speaking out when lesser individuals, and wannabes, tend to shrink away, and/ or hide! This sort of bravery comes in many forms, and is often quite subtle! It is certainly not a one – time behavior, but rather a consistent pattern of doing what is needed, and having the willingness to delve deeply, consider ramifications, plan thoroughly and effectively, and step forward when challenges present themselves while planning effectively and proactively, even when the coast seems clear! It is the rare individual, who possesses these attributes, but, nevertheless, someone considering leadership should consider!

  1. Caring; clarity; character; choices: True leadership begins with absolute caring and wanting to serve others, in the pursuit of a vital, vibrant vision, and/or mission/goal! One must begin with a high degree of clarity, in terms of what he seeks, and combine that with the type of character/persona, which drives him forward, despite adversities. Having courage of a leader is often about one’s choices, and whether they are focused and pure, or self – serving and expedient!
  2. Options; opportunities; opinions; offer: One must be willing to consider options and alternatives, with an open – mind, in pursuit of recognizing, creating, and utilizing the most apt opportunities! A leader must express his opinion openly and thoroughly, even when it may be unpopular, to do so. The bottom line often depends upon whether someone is driven, to offer the best service and leadership, to the peak of his potential!
  3. Urge; urgent; useful; unique: Simply being a carbon copy, of previous leaders, does not make you a leader! You must make your unique fingerprint, and address urgent priorities, in a useful, practical, realistic manner. Will you stand up, and urge others to follow?
  4. Relevant; reliable; real: Will you avoid the trap, of sweating the petty stuff, and focus on relevant issues, challenges, plans, and approaches? Can your constituents depend upon you, because you are a reliable leader? Will you resort to hyperbole, rhetoric, and promises, or will you keep it real?
  5. Attitude; actions; attention; articulate: Do you merely talk-the-talk, or do you possess the necessary, essential, positive attitude? Will you just speak about what is needed, or are you prepared to take the best actions? Can you focus your attention on the most relevant course, to pursue? Will you be prepared, and willing to articulate your ideas, in a motivational, focused manner?
  6. Greatness; generosity; give: Will you pursue greatness, or settle for less? Is your service based on generosity, and how will you give others, a better, more enriching experience?
  7. Energy; excitement; emphasis; empathy: What makes you believe, you have the type of energy, which will energize others? Can you enhance the level of excitement, in a positive, meaningful way? Where will your emphasis be? Unless everything you do, is based on real empathy, you probably will not be a truly effective, meaningful leader!

There are many factors, which go into being a great leader! Do you have the COURAGE needed, to be a real leader? — Courage of a Leader

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