The Clap Back

clap back
Grandmother and granddaughter having argument in cafe, the young woman is closing her ears

The Clap Back

By: C.A.B. | (Because you going to need a cab by the time I am done)

I’m not usually one to respond to petty tactics nor the naysayers, but sometimes a Clap Back may be the only way to shut you down.

It is true that “when you are doing something right, you will always be a target.”  People just don’t like to see other people doing good especially if those people are doing better than them!  Actually, whether you respond or not, people will continuously keep your name in their mouth. Now, like I mentioned before, I do not normally lower my standards to match others, but if I did, this would be my Clap Back.

First off, as Kenya Moore said “don’t come for me unless I send for you.” I don’t mess with anybody, so I should never be the first one you pick on or start with. Simply put, because I don’t say anything, don’t mean I don’t know anything! Secondly, the only thing that would be considered “fake” about me, would be my nails. So if you want to talk about “fake”, then you should start with yourself. Remove the weave, the nails, the lashes, the waist trainer, the imaginary boyfriend, the holier than thou attitude, etc.  Remember, they always say “fix you, before you fix me!” Third, you are worried if my ring is real? If it is, so what. If it’s not, so what. Why does that matter? Does it bother you that I have a ring and you don’t? People can be so superficial.

Heard your little chatter about “maybe it’s tarnished!”  Baby girl the only thing tarnished is your spirit, your reputation, and your name.  I swear if you leave your ring home one day, now everyone has something to say.  Go have five seats please.  Fourth, don’t worry your pretty or not so pretty head about me and mine, especially when you a Lone Ranger. Last time I checked or looked across the room, the group you sit in is filled with women who are sleeping with other people’s man and/or are sleeping with every man and/or woman who have been in more relationships than the year should allow! Do you really think you should be wasting more time worrying about my relationship when you don’t have one? Honey child please. Lastly, “one week you love me, next week you hate me, both weeks I received a check.” With that being said, it’s obvious your opinions don’t matter. The only way your opinions would actually have “value” is if I wasted my time to respond. What you fail to realize is I am a one-woman show.

No group, no team (unless business/relationship), and definitely no group.  I don’t need to clarify, pacify, or testify on anything to anyone besides my God.  Get used to seeing my face, because I am not going anywhere.  Are you mad that I do not need any group nor a man to complete me or compliment me?  Or that I am secure with myself that I can do it by myself?  That quiet sound you hear when I pass you is me.  Have you not learned that “confidence is silent and insecurities are loud?”  No one gets nowhere putting someone else down in order to lift themselves up.

At the end of the day, sadly to say, I will still be moving my happy feet, while you are still stuck in your miserable seat. I am a grown woman who is classy, intelligent, and independent who is full of poise and value.  If you stopped studying my quantities and instead looked at my qualities, you might learn something from me.  As a woman, life should teach you to be BETTER, not BITTER.

  So now that I took time to show you what it would be like if I was to Clap Back, time to go back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress. REAL WOMEN DO BUSINESS, NOT DRAMA.