by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 17, 2020, at 7:00 pm

Well, I’ve been married twice, and with the more men, I meet after having spent all this time working on me, the more I find that being single is not the ideal for someone who’s good relationship material, but is ideal instead of settling for those who aren’t.

When a man wants you to trust and believe he is making sure no other man gets you. However, the issue is people keep wanting what’s not good for them, settling for what’s terrible for them, desiring what they have no business lusting after, and losing the very thing that would make life high b/c they’re busy with all the other stuff. LOL

ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that the instinct of a human being is to SUFFER in their current “comfortable” and “complacent” state of status quo than to risk the STRUGGLE of what it would take to “walk in the new.” Ruggle

LOVE covers a multitude of FAULTS & SINS.

If you call yourself walking by faith and not by sight and you are comfortable and self-assured… um sorry to break the news… You are walking by sight and not by faith at all.

OK. Here’s the thing, folks when GOD has purposed you for greatness. When He is doing a THING, a WORK in your life, you must know that if you are not allowing yourself to be VULNERABLE… then you aren’t being shaped and molded and fashioned according to His will for you. Instead, you are operating in YOU and just taking Him along for the ride.

MEN call who they WANT TO TALK TO and spend TIME with whom they WANT TO BE WITH. If they’re only CALLING YOU, you are not the only one. If it’s both chances are you are…

Here’s the thing about learning lessons…

LIFE IS ABOUT LEARNING and there are LESSONS in ALL OF IT… Even the parts that don’t feel good. They don’t feel good b/c. You don’t want the lesson. Instead, you feel better with the deception. LEARNING THE LESSON may not feel great, but it makes you GREAT in the long run!

People don’t stop playing games from being tired of playing them; they stop once they realize tricks are for kids, and the universe will have you lose every time for playing too much.

There is nothing wrong with forgiveness, and especially when a person has made a mistake. Mistakes do happen, and yes, sometimes they have to do with infidelity. HOWEVER… Forgiving an indiscretion (one indiscretion) is one thing, enabling a habit is something different.

People who are chasing love but never catch up to it don’t because they are pursuing their tails and not aiming for the finish line. Learn your lesson and get YOU right, and then you’ll be headed in the right direction on the straight and narrow instead of going in circles.

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