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The Best Addictive Apps to Kill Your Time With

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Our smartphones have become such an important part of our lives that we turn to them whenever we have some time to kill. From standing in a queue waiting for the tube to sitting on the toilet bowl with nothing to do, we have turned towards our phones to kill boredom on numerous occasions. 

Although the bond we share with our phones cannot be defined in words, we have been saved by our smartphones on numerous occasions. However, if you want this bond to continue as it is, you need to load your smartphone with some of the best apps for hanging out on. These apps do not only help you pass the time, but also ensure that you enjoy what you are doing. After all, the time you enjoy wasting isn’t really wasted time. 

Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App store are packed with addictive apps that can be brilliant for passing time.

The apps we have mentioned in this list are some of the best apps you can hang-out on for an unlimited time. All of these applications have been liked by users and are currently faring well on the stores for both Android and iOS. Enjoy the list and download the apps you feel can come in handy the next time you are bored because you may not have an internet connection at that moment. 

Words with Friends 

By downloading Words with Friends, you can kill time while simultaneously improving your vocabulary. All educational apps on the store for Android and iOS are really helpful as their interface helps you pass time without really overexerting yourself. The interface for Words with Friends is like the word game we all know as Scrabble. 

The game pits you against random opponents present and often your own friends as well. You start the game in a way similar to that of scrabble and get a specific set of letters that you can place over the board and create words with. The game also rewards players with extra points once they land their words on specific tiles. 

The interesting gameplay means that players are kept on their heels throughout the game and are always on the lookout for surprises from other players. Besides just playing against your friends and opponents present online, you can also opt for a solo mode, where you get to brush up your own grasp over vocabulary and learn to do better in upcoming games.


An interesting thing about quiz games is that they are really interesting and help you learn something new; not only this, but quiz games also keep all users hooked with their exceptional gameplay that is nothing short of amazing. Players playing these quiz games also get to learn a lot of new information and can test their own skills pertaining to general information and other aspects in the questions being asked during the quiz. 

Like every other quiz game, QuizUp is as challenging as anything you will find on the App Store and Play Store. In fact, it can be argued that the wide variety of questions being asked on QuizUp make it even more interesting to play. You can get questions upon almost anything, including economics, history, mathematics, Final Fantasy, The Simpsons, celebrities, sports, nations, and everything you know a bit about. 

The game has over a hundred topics, which showcases the variety that it offers to users coming not only to kill time, but to also test the skills that they have in regards to specific topics. The interesting layout for the game means that you can go up against random opponents from over the world, or you can challenge your friends into an interesting battle. 


Who doesn’t want to develop the cognitive abilities of their brain? And what better way to develop your brain than on a lazy evening when you have nothing to do other than hanging out on your smartphone?  

Interestingly the game is different from the run-of-the-mill stuff you get with the pretext of cognitive development applications. Peak has been made by gaming experts and capable neuroscientists to develop the cognitive abilities of every player. The application boasts of around 30 quick games that can help sharpen your brain. 

The in-depth statistics within the app also come in handy in providing information regarding the progress you are making. The statistics within the application are a good way to let users know where they are headed. The progress meter also has a direct impact on the complexity of the tests that users can expect. 

The difficulty of the game as it progresses is scaled by the level you are at. Regardless of your skill level, every game would be a challenge for you as the complexity keeps increasing. Add your friends to the app and compete against them to gain the honors in this interesting cognitive development app. 

100 Balls 

This simple game may not look that attractive at first, but once you start playing it you would get to know what all the hype is about. Many players have literally sat with their mobile in hand, for hours at a time, playing this game. There are numerous versions of this application available online on both Apple’s and Google’s Store, so you may have a lot of variety to choose from. 

The gameplay for 100 balls is simple and easy to understand but not that easy to conquer. You start the game with up to 100 balls under your possession. Once you have the 100 balls, you need to start passing these balls into a set of revolving cups that end back at the initial pot you started with to increase your overall score. 

Any of the balls that miss any of the cups are basically lost forever. The controls are easy as you just need to tap on your screens to get the game rolling. The game is seriously addictive and may eventually see you lost in the fun. 


Timberman is basically a retro game with an arcade-style. The 8-bit graphics in the game do keep things simple but look really infuriating. The protagonist in the game is the woodcutter who has to chop on the trees and switch between either side of the falling tree to avoid being crushed by the branches that are coming down. 

The simple interface of the game may come across as a bummer at first, but once you progress into the game, you would come to realize how much the interface helps to make Timberman interesting and even more pleasant. Moreover, the interface is the only simple thing about the game as you can unlock a variety of characters as you move forward. One of the most interesting characters is that of The Hulk. Timberman is intriguing and captivating, and is bound to keep you saying ‘just one more stage,’ when you start playing it. 

No Brakes 

With all the fancy car games around, one would have thought that a game like No Brakes would not get any attention from the players. In fact, when you turn on the game, the initial layout looks really simplistic and may even end up turning you off. But, as soon as you get your hands set on what is happening and realize how interactive and attractive this simple layout is, you will start feeling more at ease and in control. 

The game really simplifies the process of drift racing by reducing numerous additional features that many players have become accustomed to in drifting games. You basically have a cute vehicle (which is a cube with a really cute smiley face on it) and what you do is drift around a variety of tracks with no top speed, no given directions, no brakes and no worries of stopping. 

The controls are also really simple, so No Brakes presents a good way to kill boredom and have a good time doing something relaxing. There are also a couple of game modes that add on to the interesting features to add a bit of complexity to this simple gameplay. Moreover, the music playing on the background is also quite interesting and soothing for people to hear. 

Stumble Upon 

There are times as a reader when you just wish to read something random. From an article on the growth of Artificial Intelligence to something written about the latest trends on fashion, literally anything would suffice when you are in such a mood. Most readers reading this would agree that this is very often the case with their moods. So, no need to worry whenever you get one of these moods again, as you can download Stumble Upon from the app store present on the operating system that you are currently using. 

All you need to do once you have downloaded the application is to let the application know what you are looking out for or are interested in. Once the application knows the topics of your interest, it will conduct research that fishes all the articles, videos, photos and all other content from the internet related to your topic of interest. 

Once you have all the content related to what you want to read and enjoy, you can have a good time killing your boredom and going through the fresh content that you have just stumbled upon. Moreover, the app keeps getting better over the period of time and starts giving you fresh content that will be more aligned with what you may expect. 

Toilet Time 

Although there are many things you can do while sitting in the toilet, taking care of unfinished business, this app by the name of Toilet Time seems to be the most interesting and fun application to have before you step inside. Toilet Time is designed for your time in the toilet and comes with not one, not two, not three, but literally 20 mini-games that can be finished and enjoyed while you are busy doing your business. 

Interestingly, all 20 of these mini-games are based on the toilet theme and follow a game plan similar to what you must be doing in the toilet. Some of these games include peeing to clean your toilet bowl, unrolling toilet paper effectively and a first-person game on finding the toilet. Imagine all that you can expect from the game, considering that the titles are so fun and interesting. 

The fun does not end over here as you get to accomplish and unlock levels while you keep progressing onwards towards your mission of getting all the relics present in the coveted Toilet Museum. This imaginary museum is home to the Time Machine Toilet and the Egyptian Toilet Pee-ramid, among many other things. Yes, the app is really fun and is available for download on both the App Store and Play Store. 


How can we talk about hangout apps and not mention one of the most used applications by users whenever they are free or have nothing to do? If there ever was a prize for an application made just for the purpose of killing boredom, then Facebook would win it hands down. The application has so much for all users to do on it. You can literally see what your favorite celebs are doing, watch crazy videos, see all the latest news, and find out what your friends are up to, all in one platform/application. 

The key to Facebook’s success is the fact that they have worked tirelessly to implement change in their setup. You get to see updates on the application literally every week. These features work together to make Facebook one of the most loved apps to use whenever you are free. If there is nothing else left for you to do on Facebook itself, then you can jump over to the messaging option and talk to a few of your friends in inbox as the opportunities on Facebook are just endless. 


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