We have all been told that recycling is important but few of us understand why that is. Some of us may have heard that it helps the environment by reducing the waste in the landfills. Some of us have heard that it helps us protect our natural resources. Are these the only benefits that recycling gives us? Why is it good to recycle? Honestly, because everything above is true and so much more. There are many benefits to recycling – some of which are not as apparent to people as the ones that have been discussed for years.

Recycling is better for the environment. It is not just the landfills. While landfills are something we need to find a better solution for – recycling benefits go way farther than just landfills. We can reuse the materials and not cut into our natural resources as much. This is a huge benefit as our natural resources are dwindling. Many of us think that our resources are renewable but in a lot of cases that is simply untrue. We need to conserve those resources as much as possible.

Recycling can give you extra pocket change that you would have just thrown away. I am not saying it will completely change your lifestyle but depending on how many cans you collect and what the average price is in your area it could allow you to save up a nice little fund in case of emergencies. Some places allow you to trade in other items besides cans such as plastic bottles and glass bottles as well though these are less common. If you save all your recyclables up each month and make one trip, it may very well be worth your time.

One of the best benefits to recycling that many people do not know about is that it can create jobs and give companies the raw materials they need. The more people recycle the more jobs are created by the demand for not only factory workers but also, handlers and all sorts of other positions. In addition, transporters to take the raw goods from the factory to the companies and places that it needs to go. There are many jobs that are created when we start to recycle more. This stimulates the economy and helps create a better place for us to live. With the addition of raw materials produced that feed companies this helps us reduce our strain on natural resources as well as synthetics being produced.

There are many reasons and benefits to recycling. By starting now, we can provide a better place for the next generations to come. This is important so that our children and their children will have a world to grow up in that is not as trashed as it would be if we do not do something. We need to follow the Boy/Girl Scout motto of leaving places better than we found them. Recycling can be a good start and a step in the right direction.