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Friday, August 19, 2022
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The Benefits of Independence

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As I traverse this wonderfully complex world, I treasure my freedom.

When I wake up each morning, I smile at the possibilities the day has in store for me. I step out with confidence because I believe in my abilities and worth. Knowing that I alone dictate my movements gives me the fearlessness to conquer.

Being liberated prevents me from being confined in a box. Although social norms expect certain things from me, I avoid conforming because I have the ability to be different.

Independent thinking opens my mind to new ways of doing things. I am willing to listen to the perspectives of others and form my own opinion. I rarely feel obligated to accept what another person thinks without first considering it myself.

My conscience is clear and free when I make decisions that are well thought out. That freedom to rely on my preferences for a career choice allows me to choose a job that I love. The work environment I end up in always aligns with my values.

Today, my independence is worth celebrating. Having the opportunity to walk to the beat of my own drum is liberating. I embrace my life and the choices I make. They define my version of myself instead of someone else’s.


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