by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 27, 2020, at 3:00 pm

I am so pleased to have a fresh new start, a bright new perspective, and a beautiful day of new opportunities. As I spent time in my backyard early this morning sitting under a tree in fellowship with the Father, this came to me. The stronger your relationship with God, the closer He is in proximity to you, the more significant measure of His power that is in you, and the better your ability to connect with those who are at the same level (or close to the same level) of fellowship with Him as well.

I’ve often wondered why there’s no middle ground when it comes to me. You either love to hate me or hate to love me. Sad, but reality, and if nothing more, I am quite realistic. I already have been made aware that the most significant reason is primarily BECAUSE of my being perfected thru the indwelling of Christ in me. He, as His WORD dwelling within this temple, cuts like a double-edged sword.

That is why I make many uncomfortable with and in my presence and yet others long to be. It is because of the LIGHT…blinding to some and warming to others.

LIGHTened beings, we are to travel and spread the love so that those who are cold (hearted, minded, etc.) desiring warmth can be filled with what keeps us. In our travels, we will most certainly come across those who ‘profess’ but have no substance of which they speak and, therefore, cannot receive who we are.

I’m the least combative person and frankly have a lot of issues with aggressive and combative people because I don’t do conflict or negative energy. While by man’s standards he may want to label my characteristics as ‘weak’ or ‘punkish’ in nature, I assure you that while I may back down in the natural with a soft answer for every harsh word or deed spoken or done against me, I am a warrior in the spirit taking hold to that “THING” and laying all things to rest.

I am a soldier for the LORD, and as such, I use the weapons He has given me…and those weapons of my warfare are not carnal. As a result, instead of fighting fire with fire, I’ve learned to let it have it’s time to burn while I retreat and allow the rivers of living water to extinguish through my praise, my decrees, and my command.

Today, as you visit and re-visit those opportunities, circumstances, and people who are a part of this day’s journey remember that the more in fellowship you are with Him, the more He walks with you, the more of Him remains in you to share, and then lives are changed.

I guess you didn’t know you have been a life changer all along, huh??? SMILE. Enjoy!

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