The Art of This Walk and The Beauty of Being Called To Do


by Stefany J. Jones on Monday, July 6, 2020, at 11:44 pm

I tell you that I replay what I am to write over and over in my mind while I’m out. By the time I get home, the time has passed, and the thoughts have left me.

If I don’t write WHEN I am finding that I lose the vibration of the moments to the wind, and it’s okay because most often, they are love vibrations in the first place.

Hence, if they are being released into the atmosphere, even from only my mind’s thinking and heart’s sentiment, then so be it.

That is why I am trying my best to be a good and responsible steward over the little things, although, in all actuality, ‘little’ is an insulting understatement of ALL that GOD has proposed and given me to do.

It can, at times, be extremely overwhelming living in the ‘purpose-driven life.’ Still, with each moment in it, you are ever learning, becoming ever more reliable, even better, and ever knowing.

This journey road of LIFE that I am on has the most rewarding experiences I could have ever imagined. Having my heart’s doors sealed with the armor of God is with unimaginable glee.

As I develop the endurance necessary to live with the skill of ebb & flow between this world and beyond the veil into the presence of THE highest, I realize the art of this walk and the beauty and gift of being called to do.

Being called to do is the charge to each of us to be. We are to understand what having the great I AM in you yields – and what it generates is the great YOU ARE. Today as one of my Facebook status updates, I put the following text:

People ask me why the platform for my company is LIFE BY DESIGN & DREAMS BY MEASURE. It’s quite simple.

We are fearfully & wonderfully made (designed) before the foundations of the world and called (chosen) from our mother’s womb (at conception). That is called ARCHITECTURE (designed, planned & built – MADE | CHOSEN | CONCEIVED.

The architecture of who we are structured to be is GREAT (that is our LIfe by Design). Our Dreams by Measure…Life is the manifestation of what we think, see, believe & dream. The product of the MEASURE of our faith (what we think, see & believe)…

As a result, we have DNA – we are Designed for Neverending Achievements. That is what DNA stands for. To perform according to how you were designed, and life is never the same.

As we draw closer to God, through His WORD, receiving His gift of the ANOINTING that comes along with it and the POWER and MIGHT of the HOLY SPIRIT…everything, and I mean everything changes.

Who we are, how we are, how we see things, who we see, how we see, who we aspire to be, what we aspire to do, who we interact with, how we interact with others, and the list goes on. Everything about our person, our lives, and our walk/talk changes for the better.

Along with those changes are the residuals from the beauty of being called to do. It is an honor to have answered the call, and the whisper of “come here and learn of me.”

The thirst of my soul to be quenched only by my return to my first love is the greatest gift to be ever given to me.

I worship, love, and adore my Father in heaven and glorify the name above every name, for there is no other name, Yeshua, El Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah Jireh…

I am finding that the KEY to all of this is simply COURAGE. The courage to heed the call, the courage to obey the directive, the courage to love through anything, the courage to stand firm, and the courage to have FAITH be the very ignition to all things and the catalyst for everything.

Know that there is one spirit, and we have been created by that spirit, and that spirit lives in us.

The day we can return to our souls first love, is the day we begin the art of this walk and the beauty of being called to do gets revealed!

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