The Art of Noise… the ART of YOU!


by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 27, 2020, at 2:00 pm

The art of change (and yes, there is an art) requires an artist to have a clear vision & the skill of seeing the same picture in different ways. The art of thinking & being and the art of love requires the same. So does the art of excellence, the art of success, and no doubt about it the art of LIFE. You see, we are all artists & have always been.

What does the masterpiece, this limited edition, this one-of-a-kind work of art YOUR LIFE say about your artistry to date? Remember that life is not meant to be lived on standby, but as a ticket-holding patron. The very least you can do for humanity is to love others. The very least you can do for another is to love yourself. Because in loving yourself, you become a better person, a happier person, a more giving person, and a more compassionate person. Can you think of any more fabulous gift?

People are usually amazed during my speaking engagements when I speak of what I’m going through. They are shocked to find out that my experiences are, if not graver, very similar to their own. My response to that is always the same. I am living and being given the same life (relatively speaking) like everyone else on this planet. To build my stamina, I am forced to deal with mountainous obstacles. To create my faith, I am presented with the most “no-way-out” looking sets of circumstances. To build my character, I am morally and ethically challenged when no one is watching. To make my credibility, I am given heartfelt experiences that shake me to the core. To build my future, I am provided seeds of wealth & prosperity to sow today.

So you see, I am living with the same opportunities, challenges, and day-to-day occurrences as everyone else. What differs is my OUTLOOK, my PERCEPTION, and my skills for RECEIVING what is handed to me. In all honesty, if one wanted to go deep, we would have to admit that we are more alike than different. That when we modify our behavior, we cause others to take note and change theirs.

To that stead, if a change is ever going to come for ANY of us, it must happen for ALL of us. The art of change, as I defined above, first begins with a clean slate. No artist wants anyone coming and changing a work they have poured their “everything” into. The art of life is no different. Who wants to live a life that someone else has poured their ‘everything’ into when it is your life? Who wants to live a life where the ART OF NOISE or should I say the art of THE noise has maintained a presence front and center when the only front occupants should be the art of love, the art of joy, the art of peace, and the art of understanding, etc..

Today is a new day, and you’ve been given a modern palate, a clean slate. I’ve just supplied you with the paints, now paint that picture with the ART OF YOU.

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