by Stefany J. Jones on Wednesday, July 1, 2009, at 11:34 pm

For the past several years, I have yearned for that “PERFECT PEACE” I felt after awakening from my comatose state in 2000. It was as if I was no longer of this world, and when I tell you it was well with my soul, everything was.

I remember that restful sleep as if it were yesterday and the experience in and of itself is a step by step account that only a select few have heard. But it was nothing short of wondrous, and my full recovery was, in fact, a medical miracle. People die of asthma attacks every day.

As I lay here recovering from another bad asthma attack, that familiar feeling of knowing the signs and indicators my body produces as warnings for what I’m about to endure is a feeling that brings fear and frustration. The fear comes from not wanting to be admitted to the hospital yet again, and the disappointment from sense is there anything at all I could have done to prevent this?

I take my herbs, my vitamins, and ok maybe I frequent the drive through a little too much – but I’m about to drop that habit real quick… something about those high powered microwaves and all these new cancer cases.

But all in all, that perfect peace… that feeling I had, like my body fluids, had been replaced with liquid love. Everything was well with my soul and with the world around me. I learned to look at every human being with respect for who every one of them was as a human being. I forgave every wrong and transgression done against me from every single person ever – and believe me, each one came to remembrance. Then I asked for forgiveness for every wrong deed I had done to every single soul – and those too came to memory.

Life for me was about living in love and only love. It was not about the hustle, the work, the business of it all, or the busy-ness of it all. It was about being open and honest about everything I said, felt, and believed in peace and love with the disclaimer of not wanting to offend.

Along my journey back to that, I’ve had to fight. Fight the principalities, and the humanities if you will. I’ve had to fight the energy of a world plagued with war and lack, and the power of a people living in fear and uncertainty.

Even still, I’m sure that God would never bring me to it, not to carry me through it. And as for one who has gone beyond the veil, my life is about working my way back to that place and time where my feelings didn’t get hurt, I didn’t get offended, and I recognized that anyone who had a problem with me had the question because I would make the constant choice to love them despite.

All I can say is I must be close because distractions have appeared, obstacles have made their way to my personal space, and all HECK has broken loose. – That is mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. But that is what spiritual warfare does to you. But since our God is one who delights in speaking His Word language with us, I just try my best (not with ease) to remember and restate, “He will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him”…. so now I’m keeping my mind on Him. It’s the only way this life, my life, works!