Techniques On Managing Dyslexia In The Work Place

Some of us in the world may have problems with reading, spelling, and other academics.  You might not know why they cannot read or spell as well as you can because they have a disorder.  This disorder is called Dyslexia.  People with dyslexia struggle with listening, reading, writing, spelling, and even handwriting.  However, having Dyslexia doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent.  Some of the greatest minds in the world have or had Dyslexia. One of the fascinating reasons for Dyslexia is the dominant ear.  Even though they may be different doesn’t mean that they are stupid (Hotz, Sollier).

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that can have some effects on you while being in the workplace. Here are some techniques that people with this condition usually do to deal with problems that their health may bring upon while working.

1. Write It Down

When an organization becomes a problem, writing things down can be beneficial. If you have to manage some work-related or personal tasks, you try putting them into writing. By placing them in a sheet of paper, you can be sure that you don’t forget them.

Starting there, you can get a notebook and designate your tasks to specific days of the week. Make use of one page for one whole day. Also, try to allocate your tasks at a particular time, in which you have to complete it.

Then, place the other remaining tasks on another page. These would be your long-term tasks. Once you complete a job within the day, cross them off the page or try to reorganize what you have written.

If you have some tasks that you do not get to do or finish, roll them off the next day. You can also put in reminders and birthdays on the pages. It ís like making a throw-away organizer.

If you are a highly visual person that can learn best if you are writing things down, this method can work wonders. Additionally, it can give you confidence since you have managed your tasks and have written it on paper so you would not forget.

2. Silence Please

Some dyslexic people only need a quiet environment to function and work properly. Finding a quiet place at home or your workplace may be the thing you need to gain control and concentration on your task.

Some go to their quiet spot, close their eyes, and start typing freely on their computer. Doing such is one way of letting your creative side gush out and take control. If you think of it that way, you wouldn’t have to bear with the endeavors of trying to think about the correct spelling of words.

3. Directions

If directions are your problem, then you can make use of the landmark method. Here, you notice and observe landmarks to find your way around, instead of using street names. For example, you can find your favorite restaurant by simply remembering that it is beside KFC and McDonalds. 

4. Using Highlighters

The use of highlighters can prove to be very beneficial, whether you are working or studying. When you are reading books, try to highlight them to mark where you have left off. You can also highlight memos or written instructions that are to you at work. In this way, you can read them without the white glare, which profoundly disturbs many people with Dyslexia when reading.

5. Key Point Marking 

Whenever you are reading a written document or memo, try to mark the critical points so that when you reread them, it can be easier for you. However, be sure that you only write on documents that you are allowed to write on, this can be a cause of a big problem for you.

These are just some of the ways on how you can lessen the effect of Dyslexia when you are working. Note that Dyslexia is one of the most common learning difficulties affecting both children and adults. While no two individuals struggle with the same set of symptoms, most people with Dyslexia must work harder than their peers to develop literacy skills. A  specific technique or strategy can be sufficient for one person, but not to another. Thus, doing some experiments and testing on which methods are practical for you are needed.