The start of my New Year is always filled with doing, doing, doing. And while I have people who help me there are still many decisions that I need to make myself.

I love that I’ve developed my masculine energy to be able to carry this, but I also know that if I ignore the feminine within me, I will work myself to the point of exhaustion and not be able to deliver on the promises I’m making.

Plus, without lots of space for my feminine, the content of the business just won’t be as transformational as I know it can be.

Coaching is all about playing in the magical, creative, spiritual energy of divine feminine power to dream up a business that perfectly aligns with your life purpose. Then, how to let the focused, driven masculine energy within you bring that dream into reality with marketing strategy, packages that people want to buy, and sales conversations that are fun and effective. So I better use both in creating a kickass biz, right?

I think that a lot of us get trapped at this time of year in the DOING cycle. It’s a shiny new opportunity and we jump in with plans and goals. We do, do, do right up until it’s all just too much and, then, we go back to the old normal. (When I’m in this mode, that normally happens by Jan. 15!)

Our masculine energy is designed to support the feminine within us. It’s not meant to be the only expression of who we are, although our society does encourage that.

So in this busy doing time, I have to make sure I’m spending time BEING in my feminine.

What does this look like?

The other day I was writing copy for my sponsors to use. I just wanted it done. I promised myself I could do something fun as soon as I finished. The words I was typing were coming out dry and uninspiring. I was getting frustrated. Then, I realized that my masculine was driving the goal with no room for my feminine, the source of creativity, joy, and connection.

That copy was crap without her.

So I stopped.

I took a bubble bath. Vanilla scented. Both cats arranged themselves on the bathmat for support.

I thought about the feelings I wanted to convey in my copy. I let my self-imposed timeline melt away with the tension and stress it brought.

I imagined the awakenings I know will occur in the room during the playground. The healing that will happen as participants discover their highest selves.

And the right words came. Easily. Joyfully.

I jumped out of the tub and, with dripping hair, captured the essence of my emotions in writing. And it was good.

A marriage of masculine and feminine working together.

I’m reminded that business is supposed to work this way. Not just for me, but for you as well.

You have within in both masculine and feminine energy waiting to unite. When they do, you become unstoppable. Dreams turn into reality. Clients are magically attracted. Money finds you. Work projects become play.

The discipline is learning to listen. When your to-do list is a mile long. When the deadlines are real and you are pushing to get there. When it feels like you will have to give up sleeping in order to actually get it all done, listen inward.

What does your soul want? What will soothe your inner feminine?

Stopping to be, to listen, to give space to your emotions, will make all the doing work go faster and be more effective.

I promise.

A 20-minute bubble bath in the middle of the day will reduce 2 hours of agonizing copywriting to a fun and easy 30-minute outpouring of just the right words.

Other ways to be and allow the feminine to speak:

Walk in nature
Color with crayons or oil pastel chalks
Listen to music
Blow bubbles