Take Command of All Your Storms


Last year Hurricane Irene came barreling down on us and I watched as people prepared for the storm and scrambled and scurried and scared and…you get the picture.

In the aftermath as I waited for my power to be restored and cable and all the amenities we take for granted will always be there, and can’t seem to let go of…even for a minute…I wrote that poem…Commanding the Storm to Pass. There are always storms brewing in our lives. Weather related or whether…related, they are coming…and they pass. How, then, do we do this? What do we do to Prepare for the STORMS we constantly face? What do we learn? Do we even…think about the storms…what is our defense against ANY storm…

It didn’t register until that Thursday that a real weather related storm was coming…and that it was expected to be “bad”. You see, on a daily basis, I pray for peace in my day…for protection, for covering. So, a weather related storm would not register until it affects my day (i.e. traffic, long lines, etc.) On Saturday I could see that people were really preparing for this “storm”, buying all the food and goods they could get their hands on. “Preparing” for what would surely cause havoc in their lives and hinder them from being able to get what they needed. I watched people stock up on “stuff” to keep them for a few days, weeks, months! No, I’m not kidding. As I stood in line with my bananas and grapes, and my water…and comfort foods for my daughter who was home from college, people looked at me as if I was…crazy? Maybe…but I was prepared. You see…I have a clear vision of “stormy weather”

We spend so much of our time abusing the time we have and never taking a moment to just Be Still…and listen. To our minds…our hearts…our bodies even. We are in such a rush…everything in our lives is so…microwaveable…we want and we want now. Nothing is in our time…we are NOT in control…no matter how well we prepare for things. Sometimes…God has to use his gangsta to show us who is in control and tell us to “sit down and pay attention”. He has our attention. He gets it whenever he wants it. He incapacitates us…takes away those things that are not of Him and puts us in a position where we can be our most creative. What did we do in the midst of the storm. No lights…no cable…no internet…no…nothing…just stillness. Even in the midst of chaos, did you feel His presence? Did we…embrace His Power? I am my most creative when I am totally still. Being still does not mean doing nothing…they are two different things. You can be doing lots of “things” and it means nothing…and be perfectly still and do much…growth occurs when we allow it to…and that can often require…stillness.

So…when Sandy pounded the earth…changing the landscape…changing the direction of our lives…in so many ways…did you find what you should have been seeking…Calm…in the midst of the Storm? Learn to command YOUR storm to pass by staying prepared…and you won’t have to get prepared.

By Sina McClendon