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What Does A Student Coach Do?

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What Does A Student Coach Do?

A student success coach isn’t a math tutor, an SAT tutor, or someone who helps to provide coaching to the students, work on their college entrance essays? It’s not a college career counselor or a vocational trainer coaching. In fact, a student success coach is all of these and more!

Someone who coaches providing coaching to his student success is more of a personal coach for students. It’s a life coach whose target market is the group of individuals who are students – high school, college, or perhaps, any age.

Is There a Market for Coaching Students?

Does a bear, um… well, you know the old saying. Yes, there is a market for coaching students, and that market is growing every year!

Parents are looking to get their kids into top flight colleges and hoping that their offspring can earn some scholarship money to counter the increasingly burdensome cost of higher education. Students seek out coaches and mentors to help them do better in college and help them get into reputable graduate programs. At every level, students and their parents are looking for success.The target market for a student success coach is not going to be shrinking anytime soon!

Student Success Coaching is Not Just About Grade and Test Scores

Yes, grades and test scores matter – coaches will definitely need to focus on helping students improve their grades, test-taking ability, and essay writing skills. However, the file of success coaching is much more than that.

Student success coaching involves improving time management skills, successful socialization, learning how to research effectively and efficiently, mastering the ability to complete essays and projects, and becoming adaptable to dynamic and different situations.

What Does a Student Success Coach Do?

It’s a growing market and it’s a critical skill – helping young people be better students and people. Here are a few of the things you’ll do as a student coach:

Work with students to improve their test-taking ability. Admittance tests are a vital part of college admissions and they cause plenty of stress for students. Help them do better, reduce stress levels, and get into the college of their choice.
Work with students on specific subjects like a tutor. If you are especially capable in math, you will have parents and students beating down your door!
Work with high school students as they prepare for college. Teach them about social situations, studying habits, dealing with college professors, living without parental restrictions and oversight, as well as how to get good grades and do well on tests.
Especially focus on time management skills with high school students preparing for college. Time management is important for students of all ages and levels, but for those away from home for the first time, it is perhaps the most important factor in initial college success.
Work with older adult students. Many adults are going back to college in search of a new career. They have different needs because they have families, jobs, and financial obligations. Learn how to offer value for these students by focusing on their unique wants and needs.
If you have computer or coding skills, you’ll certainly be in demand for all ages.


A student success coach can specialization in certain areas and claim a niche for themselves, but it is mostly about having the ability to find outcomes for all types of students preparing for academic success in the classroom and social and life adjustments outside the classroom.

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