Strength and Fortitude


Strength and fortitude are woven in the very fabric and DNA of every woman I know and have ever known…. even those who see themselves or whom others believe to be weak.

This pandemic has been nothing short of the ushering in of a new age and a pivot from so many injustices and things that fell short with the world – that we were too happy to accept and treatment we never should be complacent with.

The planet shut down entirely and shifted without warning. It gets no more cosmic than that, and we have to move with the universe’s ebb and flow if we are to adapt successfully.

For women who are trying to figure it out and find their way, alignment is critical. Self-care, self-health, and mindfulness are the first steps. Sometimes to be successful without, we must first mine from within.

We have to collectively build moving forward from a place of cooperative compassion, peace and love to successfully transition into this new era with new mindsets and a renewed sense of what community looks and feels like. Moving beyond the pandemic requires a new outlook on life and a unique perspective of the higher self.

We ought to get real with ourselves about our situations, circumstances, limitations, and dreams. It is time to honor those whispers from the depths of our souls aching to birth our greatness, voices of our ancestors that call us to higher heights, and spiritual awakening to our destined lives, our God-given gifts, talents, purpose, and our wildest dreams.