Strange, But Normal Things You Could Experience After Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift
Close-up of female hands holding silicone implants in hands. Plastic surgeon in medical gown advising patient about breast augmentation. Anaplasty concept

Have you recently had a breast procedure and are worried that something might be wrong? It would interest you to know that there are several weird, but entirely normal things that you will experience following your surgery:

1. Immediately following the procedure, you may notice that your breasts sit higher than they usually would. This is because it usually takes time for your implants to settle into their position. Along with the change in position, you may experience some tingling as well. Your implants and change in sensation will settle down after 2 to 3 months. It’s important to note that your surgeon may have placed your breasts a little high intentionally so that when your skin stretches, they will fall naturally on your body.

2. Following a breast lift, you will realize that your breasts feel too tight. It will take a couple of weeks, or even months, for your skin to settle after surgery. Also, your breasts may experience some swelling that will contribute to the tightness you may be feeling.

3. Your nipples will be all over the place. Not literally. Although they will feel that way because of the range of sensations, you will experience nerve tissue healing. Some cases of breast surgery involve moving the position of your nipple. This will damage nerve tissue underneath it. During recovery, you may experience tingling, prickliness, itchiness, and pulsating in your nipples. You may also feel some degree of soreness, increased sensitivity, or numbness.

4. If your breast implants were placed underneath the chest muscle, then you may feel them whenever you move that muscle. It will be a very different sensation, but with time it will grow on you, and you will not even notice it happening.

5. Second-guessing yourself: you walked into the surgery room excited and sure about what you were about to do and walked out, questioning whether you did the right thing. It’s normal to feel this way, especially after a major decision like that. You have made changes to your body, and you are bound to wonder whether you did the right thing. However, once your implants settle, and you begin to enjoy your new-found confidence, all thoughts of second-guessing yourself will fly right out the window.

6. Did you choose the right size? Believe it or not, a few months after getting implants, some women wish they chose bigger sizes. This phenomenon is known as “boob greed.” You can avoid this by ensuring that you are making the right decision before you undergo surgery. It will also help if you choose the right surgeon who will help you select the most suitable option.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that you go through their database to find surgeons that are not only certified but have a great success rate too. Choosing the right surgeon will determine whether or not, a few months down the line, you will wish you took a different size.