Stepping Out on Faith—Sometimes life doesn’t always give us what we expect. Because of this, we tend to give up hope or start to believe that what we desire is not for us.

You can plan your whole future according to how you think it should be, but as time goes on, God has other things in store for you. You can decide to give up on love because of too many bad relationships, but just when you said you have had enough, you find out God now feels you are ready to accept what your heart desires.

We must always remember, He may not come when you call, but He is always right on time. Funny thing is I wrote most of my life, but was too afraid to push forward towards my dreams of having my work published. I took years of experience writing out my thoughts, my dreams, my goals, my pain, my love and my journey of life, finally I was able to let go of what held me back and instead held on to what was pushing me forward. After several people read my work and they saw something special in what I had to say, I was able to go ahead and write my children’s books. I was able to meet a great person who gave me an opportunity to be a contributing writing in her magazine.

I was able to say that I am ready to make God proud of the talent that he bestowed upon me. What we fail to understand is that our gift from God is our talent and our gift to God is using that talent! In that notion,

I decided to STEPPING OUT ON FAITH and it paid off. On a different note, many of us have gone through a few bad relationships in search of a good one. For most of us, we came up with the same result.

Stepping Out On

When I began to question my own theory “Sometimes we have to conquer many storms in order to find peace”, God presented me another gift. I was ready to give up, but God sent me someone who was ready to accept the type of love I had to offer. God put someone in front of me that I didn’t even expect. God placed my complete opposite before me; someone who fit me like a glove. God gave me a chance to love again with the possibility of doing it right this time. God said if I was willing to STEP OUT ON FAITH, then I am willing to stand there beside her and grant her wish. God said I have proven that this is my time. Remember, what is for you will be for you, and anything given should be of its own free will. God I thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. It has been confirmed once again that I am blessed and highly favored! Although I was scared of what may come, and although the vision is clear with a beautiful background, I am going to