By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Stand up and stand out – More people need to stand up and deal with their issues, instead of blaming others and/or always complaining and never doing anything to change their circumstances. Life taught me that “My current situation is not my final destination!” With that being said, I know that whatever it is that is going on at this time in life, it too shall pass. Too many people are blaming others when happiness and change start with you. 

To the baby mothers blaming the baby daddy’s for their child’s attitude, instead of doing your best for your child, STAND UP AND DEAL. Yes, you both made that child together, but while he is absent, you be present. Make time for your child. Pay attention to your child and his and/or her needs and stop letting the “cry for help” go unnoticed until something happens. Because one parent falls short, it does not mean that you do not take the time to pick up the slack. Always remember that the child did not ask to be born. That was a choice you two made.

To the person who demonstrates daily a bi-polar complex, STAND UP AND DEAL. If you think you have issues that need professional help, seek it. If you think life is hard, then take time to look at what is going on around you and know that what you are dealing with is nothing compared to what others are dealing with. Not downplaying your situation, but I am pretty sure you can change your situation if you just tried. One minute you happy, next minute you mad at the world, causing a disservice to yourself and those who are trying to figure out what happened, is not good. If you are not strong enough to go out and talk to someone, then sit and talk to the Lord. Let Go and Let God, because trust me; He will help if you hand over your burdens.

To the man or woman who still in their adult life, continues to do childish things and not own up to your responsibilities, STAND UP AND DEAL. If you are not ready mentally to be in a relationship, leave that person alone. 9 out of 10, a good person is trying to save someone who is not prepared to be saved. Remember, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him or her drink it. They have to want it for themselves. You spending your days and nights with teary eyes and/or your conversations seem more like arguments and/or debates of what you did or did not do, then either sit and talk it out or walk away and stop being toxic with someone who wants to breathe the clean air of peace. 

Trust me, if anyone knows it is me. No relationship, child, parent, person, or whatsoever is perfect, but too many times, you are doing more damage to others than you are doing to yourself because of the things you are displaying. I learned that life is not perfect, but it is worth perfecting. Rome was not built in a day, so why do you think your issues should be solved in a day? The only way to make and/or see a difference is to take it one day a time and one step at a time. 

As a good-hearted person, as well as a Life Coach, I sit and talk to people daily. I offer the best advice I can, and many times, that advice goes in one ear and out the other. Yet, I will still accept the call and/or respond to the text and/or give up my lunchtime to talk and/or listen to someone who needs me. If you are reading this and you too need an ear and/or a virtual shoulder, I am offering a free 15-minute consultation. I would like you to reach out to me at and put in the subject line, “ASK CECE.” I will offer my advice, judgment-free. If you need prayer, I still invite you to reach out to me at the same email address and put in the subject line “PRAYER REQUEST!”