When you LISTEN to your SPIRIT man, you will never go wrong… some people have yet to realize that your internal G.P.S. is your intuition.

Now LISTEN to the instructions and FOLLOW it, and yes, sometimes it takes you to your destination by the longest route possible… but short cuts in life aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.

I can’t tell you how many times I have faced challenges and obstacles, or how many times I have experienced detours, delays, and a myriad of distractions. It seems as if every time I was oh so very close to having that thing I always most wanted or accomplishing that task, I still pursued with vigor… there was a wrench thrown into the program or a seducing distraction placed along my path.

It took me YEARS, and I mean a whole LOT of them to recognize and see them coming in enough time to make a sound decision about how to proceed and where to place my focus and all of my attention. Where I always went wrong was not speaking to my Spirit for guidance and then not being developed enough to Hear the instruction and mature sufficient to Follow it’s lead.

I remember a childhood game I used to play called Stop, Look, and Listen to your spirit. It has now become my new saving grace.

Before I take on any new project, before I commit myself to any new endeavors, I do the following…. I STOP and take a deep breath and quiet my mind and my spirit. I do absolutely nothing but STOP and STAND STILL.

Once I have found myself at a level of peace, I then LOOK at the proposition, opportunity, or door set before me. I look at all of the angles and the engaged people and a part of the equation.

I look at outcomes, opportunity costs, and the present value alongside the required investment that I will need to commit to. Once I have done my research, I STOP in the Stillness again.

I breathe through an objective view of what I see. Then I LISTEN for the voice, the instruction, the guidance, and the steps I should take. Once I’ve removed my self from the equation, my SELF shows up to guide me through.