by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 14, 2020, at 1:00 pm

Wiping up the tears and spilled milk. Anyone who knows how I am knows that I am ultra-sensitive. The ferocity of how I am in business in no way matches nor indicates who I am as a person deep down on the inside. My diverse personalities are more than opposites or stark contrasts; they are so different that it’s an anomaly for sure. In either case, I am sensitive to the point of tears whenever anyone or anything has hurt me enough to cry. It may take a lot to get me to the POINT OF tears, but once the button is pushed, I can ‘cry me a river.’ LOL

They say in life, one shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Who invented that, and why not? If you were getting ready to have a drink of what is the last glass of milk and you spilled it, why shouldn’t you be upset? Is it because there is always more milk within reach, whether or not it is in arm’s reach in your fridge? Or maybe it’s because there’s plenty more where that came from and then some. It could be claimed that crying over is unnecessary because there’s always something else to drink. Better still, that once it has spilled everywhere, you realize you weren’t that thirsty, to begin with, and can live without its flavor.

Milk comes from more than just cows and is in abundant supply. You may not have it to drink when you want, you may spill it at a time when you think you need it most, but the chances are that it’s no big deal no matter what the circumstances. The time you spend crying over what you’ve done, or what has happened to you (if someone else knocked the glass over) is time better spent on other things. I believe that we should have a certain number of allowable tears shed per infraction and that once we’ve reached our limit, our hearts mend, and our minds and emotions are instantly made whole.

Since there is nothing new under the sun, I don’t have to wish for long because that is EXACTLY how it is for me, except many people are unaware of the secret. Crying until there is nothing left is the necessary remedy for each infraction. Crying until you can cry no more and screaming until you’re all dried out is therapeutic. I know people are like what the heck? Why on earth would you say that? I say that because society has us bottled up, clogged up, and backed up with emotions that are not getting dealt with, discussed, managed, or healed.

We’ve moved from a generation of feelers to thinkers, with even adults being compromised on the interpersonal communication and skill levels due to technology and my favorite “texting.” Maybe if we as a people cried more, we’d be compromised less. Others would begin to attach ‘human-ness’ to their interactions once again, and this sense of detachment and coldness in our relationships with one another would dissipate. We’d put the electronics down and say it with a hug or a frustrated hug, but with the human touch nonetheless.

If you are caught wiping up the tears and spilled milk as I am, then I am glad I’m not alone. I am one person who says with pride and conviction, …Yes, I’m a cry baby. I don’t care, and I love that I am still able to be moved to tears. Let me finish crying so I can finally wipe up all these tears and the milk I spilled once again. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can decide what I want to have and get it.

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