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Smiling Faces

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Smiling Faces

smiling face

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 10, 2020, at 1:00 pm

I’ve had the most exciting last couple of days. It’s incredible how we GROW with every day’s experiences. If time is speeding up, then so is my growth – and noticeably so.  I am learning about my wants, needs, desires, triggers, and dreams. I am learning about what I can tolerate versus what is absolutely a deal-breaker for me in business partnerships, friendships, and relationships. I am learning to make better choices. I am choosing the STRUGGLE over the SUFFERING.

The mind is a funny thing, you know. It will talk you out of everything WONDERFUL, and convince you of everything that could ever be destructive and counterproductive to your cause as the only way to think and be. Then there are matters of the heart.

They say that your heart can’t be trusted, and all of my past; WRONG relationships are proof positive of that (smile). In my opinion, the heart LEAPS and then LOOKS afterward.

LOL. Ok, so now we have a mind that is saving us from the great things by keeping us in a place of complacency and comfort in half-truths, we have a heart that leaps before it looks and considers; so now what? That leaves us with our SPIRIT, our instincts, our gut intuition, our hidden voice, that guiding voice if you will.

With all of the subliminal messages fed to the hunger and thirsts of our minds and hearts, it is any wonder that the pulse of the spirit can still be felt and is measurable. Amazingly, people can always find their rhythm and stride in sync with the beat of that spirit. I know that as I grow spiritually, I find myself learning more about THE WALK. I am ever so enamored with the love the God of this universe continues to extend my way…. sometimes saving ME from my “self.”

It’s no wonder that people never know how good enough they are, and even a more magnificent spectacle once they realize it. Can you imagine the number of smiling faces you would see as you walk down the street?

Can you imagine a world where the people have joy on the inside that radiates on the outside and emits as smiling faces? WOW, that kind of love would undoubtedly be infectious, I’m sure. Well, since every bit of change starts with me, I think from now on, I’ll just begin to smile no matter what. From this day forward, I will no longer allow my face to assume the frown position. After all, I am blessed, and as long as I have been given the gift of another day, I’ve been granted the opportunity to make changes, have do-overs, and make a difference. Yes, I think I am excited. I can’t wait to see the results. Maybe I can help spread joy with the sharing of my smile, through a simple smiling face. Care to join me?

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