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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Signs it is Time to End a Relationship

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Relationships can be complicated to manage. There are moments of true bliss when you feel unimaginably happy with what you are doing in life. There are also times in a relationship when one or both people start to question everything around them, and they may start to feel down.

A happy relationship, as they say, is made out of valleys and peaks, the topographical equivalent of highs and lows.

It can be challenging for couples to tell whether they are meant for each other or are ‘bad.’ The key here is to know when enough is enough. It is worthwhile to fight through rough situations to see if things work out in the end. It is natural for a person to evaluate how beneficial their happy relationship is, deciding if they should continue to give much effort or if it is time to walk away.

Name Calling

Words leave the deepest wounds in a relationship. Hurtful words, including name-calling, can leave a sting and damage every relationship. No apology can wash away the pain of such horrible name-calling. Demand the respect you deserve.

The Trust Leaves You

You should be able to trust the person you are in a relationship with. You should not be checking each other’s social media accounts and should not be going through phones and emails. Strong relationships need trust as their foundation; it helps ensure the relationship is positive. Your relationship should look and seem more like a Nicholas Sparks movie than a Sherlock Holmes movie.

Bad Outweighs the Good

When the bad in your relationship outweighs the good, it is time you start measuring just how much you want to tolerate more in this relationship. Sure, the both of you will go through some tough times. But if you have trouble finding the last time you were really happy with each other, that is a serious problem.

Lack of Proper Sex

Sex is a crucial part of every couple’s life. A happy relationship is based on some crazy activity under the sheets. A healthy relationship is hard to maintain if you and your partner are not intimate with each other. Lack of sex can indicate some underlying issues in your relationship, especially if you grow distant physically and emotionally.

Avoiding Time Together

You can tell your relationship has come to its end when you want to spend time doing everything other than being with your partner literally. Needing some space once in a while is alright. But there may be a bigger problem if you want to spend time away from your partner constantly. Examine your excuses and see if they are legitimate.


All conflicts and disagreements are fun and games until you actively start fantasizing about other men and women around you.

In a solid and happy relationship, you should ideally fantasize about sexual activity with your partner. You should be thinking about them without letting unhappiness creep in.

However, when the dissatisfaction of your relationship leads you into questioning different aspects around you, you should part ways and go elsewhere. Drunk texting your ex, feeling an emptiness within you, fantasizing stuff with almost everyone you see, and feeling urges that make you want to cheat are all signs that you should let go immediately.

Complaints That Do Not Stop

You are at a Saturday night party with your friends, drinking, and dancing, and suddenly you cannot stop complaining about your partner. You know when you are this person. You realize you are constantly complaining about them and are putting your negative energy in front of others. You know that your friends now absolutely hate your partner, but the boiling pot inside of you will explode if it is not given a proper outlet.

The sense of happiness and joy within you is one of the most important things in the world. Without it, it is difficult to function on a day-to-day basis; this is why you should fight for it. If you believe that your romantic relationship makes you unhappy, you should consider moving on before things get worse. A relationship that makes you unhappy is one that you owe it to yourself to get out of. You deserve to live a happy and satisfying life; do not allow anyone to take it away from you.

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