Our Heroes

Our Heroes... A Letter From the Editor

Here at HUSTLE MAMA MAGAZINE, we tell stories.  Other people’s stories – survivors, heroes, home town hustle mamas, etc.  Much of our magazine is dedicated to real life people with real life stories.

Most storms hit home.  Most of what you hear of in today’s news are in our content as we feature details of their story to make it as relatable and as real as they come.  Sure we have celebrities grace our cover, but the content on the inside is what touches your insides.  When you read about our everyday heroes, survivors, hustle mamas, etc., you know when you read a feature it will interest you more, because that person featured is just like you.

Small business owners get to know how the next person made it.  A dreamer learns how to make their dream a reality.  A survivor understands, it may have happened to her, but she is not alone.  A kid featured in our future anticipates their turn to be featured, etc.

Some of our stories take a strong soul to interview them and an even stronger soul to tell it.  It is easier said than done for most of our contributing writers to open up and share their story because although the magazine is primarily online, we are still global.  That is another reason why we at HUSTLE MAMA MAGAZINE encourages everyone to share their story.

Most of our content is not done with follow-ups, because these real-life heroes have shown us through song, story, laughter, and tears that recovery is up ahead.  Recover they will.  When their power is restored within them,

Our heroes Rock and here at Hustle Mama, we will rock out with you regardless of skin, nationality, relationship preference, shape, age, and so forth.

Cecile Anthony

Senior Staff Editor