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Seven Décor Recycling Ideas

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Seven Décor Recycling Ideas

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When you furnish your home, you want to guarantee that what you are doing is both elegant and sustainable. The sad fact is that when you buy anything new, it has to be made, leading to waste. Thankfully, you can make your home look astounding without buying a single new thing by upcycling things you already have or by buying used.

Use Mason Jars to Make Lanterns

Look at thrift stores and the Goodwill to find old mason and canning jars with covers to turn into great lanterns. You’ll need jars, paint, fabric, wire, wire cutters, and a few other materials to create these lanterns.

Use Old Metal Trash Cans as Planters

Look at any thrift store, and you’re likely to find the old kinds of garbage cans for sale cheap. You don’t want them to look brand-new to make planters out of them. Drill holes in the bottom, fill with rocks, then soil, then your plants. You can keep them on your porch, inside, or even in the elements, and they’ll look better with time.

Make Beautiful Wall Displays of Accessories

If you have valuable purses, belts, scarves, and even shoes, you can create an engaging wall display of these things that you love. There is no reason to hide them in the cabinet. Give one wall to your accessories using hooks or other artistic methods of hanging them that make them easy to grasp and look good while not in use.

Use Anything for Vessels to Keep Stuff Organized

One thing that makes any home look more decorated is keeping clutter down. And the best way to keep clutter down is to keep it in different types of vessels. For example, if you have any beads or buttons you save, why not paint an old ice cube tray to match your décor to hold the small stuff. Using an old mirror on your dresser to keep your watch, phone, and rings also helps the area look better.

Use Drawers from a Broken Dresser as Shelves

At second-hand stores, they will often have parts of dressers for sale. You may wonder what you can do with that if you don’t know how to fix the wood in the world. Well, you can use the drawers as shelves. Take the drawers and forget the rest. Paint them to make them match your décor, then mount them on the wall. Then you can put your important stuff inside to frame them up nicely.

Use Pictures from Old Calendars as Wall Art

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on art to make your home beautiful. Instead, find old calendars with famous or attractive images and artwork at second-hand stores. Carefully cut the photos away from the calendar portion. Mat and frame the pictures and put them around your home in strategic places.

Create a Perpetual Calendar with Old Paint Chips

If you like to DIY, the fun idea is to create a perpetual calendar that you can use whenever you want. You only need a glass frame, a whiteboard marker, and old paint chips you can get free.

Upcycling ideas is not just fun; repurposing is also good for the environment and your wallet. Making something old new again is a great way to maintain your sustainable living goals. By making your surroundings beautiful without adding to the pollution, you’ll feel good about it too. What type of upcycle décor have you created?