The second amendment gives the right to bear arms according to the United States Constitution as of December 15th, 1791. This amendment clearly states that this right shall not be infringed.

This amendment upon many others in the bill of rights part of our constitution is significant to the American people. In the past, it has been known to be a struggle for some individuals to even have these rights and have had to take certain cases to the Supreme Court. The courts have decided twice in the last five years though, that the second amendment does, in fact, give the right to bear arms in the United States.

Why is this amendment so crucial to the American people? This a straightforward amendment gives millions of Americans the comfort of safety in their homes. The ability to be able to protect themselves, their family, friends, animals, and even belongings in their home if they feel their safety is in danger. When government officials start bringing up the thought of changing this amendment or giving specific gun controls people tend to start panicking. They worry that they will not have the same safety and that they could even be in danger.

The pressure on the second amendment right to bear arms after the horrible Sandy Hook massacre that took place in 2012.  The death total of many young children was very high and horrific for our country in a place we are supposed to feel comfortable sending our children. There were even adults who lost their lives. Many politicians have used this as a push to have stronger gun controls and creep closer to infringing on our right to bear arms in the United States.  Was it a gun control issue or a government issue with the lack of security in our schools all over the country? Of course, no one will hear one word of how we should make laws for the entire nation on school security and safety.  The focus has been entirely on gun control, and many states have even started banning sales of certain guns in their states. Many fear this may be just the first step of many to make it impossible for innocent civilians to own a gun.

Overall the second amendment was put in place hundreds of years ago to protect not only our country but the American people as individuals. Will this amendment stand up to the test of time? No one surely knows what the future brings on this subject. Many laws in our country have changed over the years. Some of these law changes have been amazing and others not so much. Much of America feel that by revoking this amendment, there will be retaliation and I cannot say that is a far-fetched assumption.  There are too many gun supportive people in the United States for the government to smoothly be able to change a law of this magnitude.