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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Restoring Young Love

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By Mariel Ferry

Haven’t we all had that crush on a TV celebrity at least once in our life? Admit it we all have! It’s ok…everyone is human. However, in the back of people’s minds everyone knows that meeting that celebrity is a long shot. Sometimes if a celebrity is really good-looking person, Person A is just one of the many people in line waiting to be noticed by their supposed boyfriend/girlfriend (in their head) walking down the red carpet.

For centuries, people always want to feel loved or be loved, but relationships today are very different than when the older generation went on dates. Back in the day, when people used to date before match.com, eHarmony ad/or social media, people used to send notes to each other or try to call the person they were interested in.  Who remembers those pieces of papers that you said to say “Would you like to be my girlfriend/boyfriend” and then you had to check a box of “yes” or “no” and the cute smiley face at the bottom which was the cherry on top?  Or when you used to ask your parents for the latest magazine so you could cut out the picture of your boyfriend/girlfriend (in your head) and decorate your whole room?  Man, today’s society don’t know what they are missing.  Back then, they kept it real, like me or hate me, this is what you got and you took it or left it.  Now, they fabricate their live, their image and their resume to impress a person. The internet makes it real easy now to grab a picture online and claim that gym picture with all those tough muscles is you! No wonder MTV’s “Catfish” gets so many viewers.

One thing that irritates me is that young love to today’s generation means hooking up.  Whatever happened to the original sequence of picking a girl up for a date, taking her to a nice restaurant, talking and laughing, and then dropping her home at the end of the night and talking to her on the phone for hours after you got home. Relationships today move too fast. Kids today grow up too fast.  They are more interested in a pretty face/nice body, then a girl who has brains and beauty too.  Who wants something out of life and who wants to get it without selling their soul to the devil to get it!  Two people meet each other and go straight to steamy and sticky and that is not how it should be. That is how love is lost.  Many kids are born to single parents and the circle becomes smaller, because everyone is sleeping with everyone.  The whole point of getting into a relationship is like trying on a pair of shoes. The variation is finding your soul mate/sole mate.  Taking time to find the right one, making sure it fits, and deciding if to keep it or put it back on the rack.

Mariel2This leads me to another point, why is it teens are trying to mature much more than they should at such a young age. You do not need a relationship at 16, let alone a BABY. Sometimes I think it is what they want versus what they need.  Parents should pay more attention to their kids.  Allow their kids to be kids.  Because you were raised one way, it should make you want better for your children.  Let’s go back to the old days when we were taught that our bodies are temples and we should protect it and cherish it.

Help restore young love.  Teach them to wait for relationships and not rush into each and every one.  Find love within yourself first, so you can be prepared and ready for something good and not fall for something bad.

Restore young love in our house, so we can restore love in our children, as we work on restoring young love.  Children live what they learn, so let’s teach them our lessons and not mistakes.

98% of people normally agree that young love is a fad and it doesn’t last all that much. If today’s patterns were switched up a little bit and people actually cared for each other and loved each other more, I feel things would be different. High school sweethearts would go back to being would grow to be old happy married couples.  Of course, plans change and people change and that is perfectly natural, but when we build a strong mind, body, and soul, we build stronger relationships as we restore young love.

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