by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 27, 2020, at 8:00 pm

I’ve been doing so much. Lately, I think I may have forgotten to gift an entry yesterday… I was so busy w/ work and overseas conference calls that I didn’t realize or remember until this morning that I never got a chance to say what I wanted to… OH WELL. Today is a NEW DAY, and with every new day, there is a new outlook, an original premise, and a new something to say.

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time is THE GREAT DEBATERS… I was watching it the other night, and there was something resonating within my spirit when they were saying the word RESOLVED before making their argument.

I remember being a member of my own high school debate team almost 30 years ago. If I am to dig deep, I would say that MAKING AN ARGUMENT was a skill I inherited at birth, which is how I was able to overcome the low vibration of those not wanting me to be a part of the destiny I was created to fulfill and still press on through all of the would-be obstacles placed before me to inhibit and prohibit that same reach – my future RESOLVED if you will.

It’s no wonder that being an attorney was something I always knew I was good at. I’ve ever had the interest in defending those who were defenseless, a heart for the “innocent” and strong compassion for rehabilitating the guilty. And believe you me, I’ve taken all of those SENTIMENTS and brought them with me into my adulthood some appropriately so and in some cases in instances not so appropriate. (If nothing more you know I will always be honest)

Nevertheless, the point of it all, and of everything else I go through is so that RESOLVE can be met with supporting evidence and no question, the best documentation possible. I can’t tell you how beautiful RESOLVED becomes when you walk in alignment and purpose of the ONE and ONLY author and finisher of your faith.

It is quite sad to live in a world where the reality of the masses is operating at the frequency of being UN-RESOLVED to purpose, destiny, unconditional love, awareness, awakenings, etc.. It is also our calling to serve as RESOLVED within ourselves in that same world in which we live to fulfill the purpose. And now that I have found mine (object) I am RESOLVED. Being RESOLVED as a person is the greatest gift that could have ever been given you… and guess what; every one of us has been RESOLVED since birth. Our lives are the mere SUPPORTING ARGUMENTS and BEST DOCUMENTATION of that RESOLUTION.

So today, as you awaken to who you are, whose you are and realize that you are RESOLVED, begin to compartmentalize all that you’ve been through and make your arguments going forward those of the most strengthened supporting documentation possible…on the frequency and vibration of loving yourself and others just as much. If along the way you discover your love tank gauge is on ALMOST EMPTY and you’re running low, be resolved in knowing that there is a never-ending supply. As soon as you THINK you have no more to give, more is made available to you from what you’ve provided before. Give all you have or all you ‘think’ have left knowing that your love is infinite, for I am proof positive that you’ve been RESOLVED to receive a never-ending supply as the fuel to make an argument which is  A LIFE BY DESIGN that counts!