Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Repurposing Your Winter Wardrobe

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When the weather gets colder, it comes time to pack away your summer clothing in exchange for the winter wardrobe.

You may feel your bulky winter clothes pale in comparison to your cute summer dresses.  Luckily, there are several tips and tricks using items you have lying around at home to create fashionable yet comfy winter pieces.

Thoroughly Check Your Closet

Take everything out of the closet and separate the items into types: sweaters, pants, dresses, etc. Then you can group related clothing to make the most of your wardrobe by creating outfits. Make a list or hang your clothing in groups so that it’s easier to see exactly how many outfits you have.

You have a few options for handling the items that are left.  If you like the clothing, you may find affordably priced pieces to compliment them at off discount stores like Marshalls. You can also try other affordable online retailers, eBay, or even online consignment stores. Another option is to give the items to someone you know, send them to a second-hand store or donate them to someone in need.

The list below are some ideas for transforming your winter wardrobe:

Belt It:

Add an accessory like a sleek belt to any ensemble, making it more stylish and creating the instant illusion of looking leaner.  Belts can also make your outfit look completely new.

Dress It:

Turn your long sweaters into a dress or tunic by adding leggings.

Change the Buttons:

Another relatively inexpensive way to refashion your wardrobe is to add new buttons.  New buttons can transform your shirts, dresses, jackets, and coats.

Add a Brooch:

Add some flair to your outfit adding wearing a brooch or lapel pin.

Add a Signature Necklace:

Necklaces draw attention to your upper body. Paring a signature necklace can add pizazz to plain black pants, leggings, or dresses.

Add Some Lace:  

Lace adds a touch of elegant sophistication to almost any piece. It can be added as an accent on the collar, cuff, or anywhere else to add a little life. 

Use Some Leather:  

Adding leather is another way to transform collars. You can use leather also to create cuffs for a garment that may be fraying.  Leather is also ideal for repairing elbow patches, especially if you are always over-stretching your sweaters with poking.

You can spend hours or minutes making subtle changes to your wardrobe that will make a big difference. A little effort and imagination can go a long way and give your wardrobe a brand new fashionable look.

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