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Relationships Rule – Relationship Rules

Heal Your Heart Relationships

Relationships Rule – Relationship Rules

Relationship Rules

IMO Relationship rules are falling apart because people are breaking the rules:

RULE #1. Commit to the relationship rules you have not the one you want. If he tells you he wants nothing serious stick to it and don’t create a fantasy island and drag him to it using your cookies in an effort to change his mind or mindset. Just bc he is hungry doesn’t mean yours is the dessert he wants. Men if she’s low budget don’t think for one moment that you can upgrade her. She will enjoy the ride but still be who she was and is before, during and after you and your superman influence.

RULE #2. Keep up with what you promised and be supportive of the relationship rules you committed to, and not deceptively change the rules mid-game just bc you are having urges without being honest and just admitting and moving on. You can’t possibly succeed in a relationship of truth when you live a lie alone.

RULE #3. Stop holding him/her hostage just bc you are getting spouse benefits without so much as a couple’s investment. Keep NOT WANTING but not wanting anyone else to have the person you are steadfastly using to fill every void you have except your heart void and watch what the Universe will have waiting for you. Karma is real and more people experience it than not in the shadows not in the open.

RULE #4. Stop bragging about who you are rocking with and telling everyone who will listen about how wonderful your ishhh is. Love is wonderful relationships are work and it is only a matter of time before you and you’re wonderful are put to the test. The best way to pass is to ensure the negative or jealous vibes of all those you have been talking to don’t become the fuel that sets off your wild forest fire.

RULE #5. Men and women are not pets, meal tickets, sex slaves, or objects. Relationships are not science projects and you are not the puppet master. Stop allowing your vanity, insecurity, ego, lusts, society, the sign of the times, the garbage of low vibrational energy and lower Egypt below the belt animalistic desires enter into your space.  Once Pandora’s Box is opened, you can never again undo, un-know, un-experienced nor unlock it again. There are plenty of people doing whomever, whenever and however. Say what you are into and get with someone who is into the same thing instead of trying to conquer and convert. That is simply twisted and refer back to the Karma reference in rule #3.

RULE #6. Learn who you are so you can be clear about what you want and desire so that you can be honest and speak your mind about it and attract into your life someone who feels, desires, and wants the same. You attract what you know is true about yourself. People never want to admit that the dysfunctional relationship rules they have or are in or of their choosing is the mirror they never wanted to look in and the reflection they never wanted to see. The truth of the matter is you are the monster you date and choose and if you are no longer you were at one time for someone else. Just swallow it and grow.

RULE #7. Stop pretending you are someone you are not like you are willing to do what you really don’t want to do like you are OK with what is not OK to you, and settling for less than everything that would make you more inspired to be a better person. If you don’t want a 3-some say it and don’t do it. If you don’t want to marry someone say it and don’t do it.

RULE #8. Stop stealing the joy of others, the ideas of others, the words of others, the facade of the lives of others and always do your own thing. Keeping up with the Jones’s means you leave all of your power behind to chase someone else’s dream.

RULE #9. Stop chasing money, power, and respect and instead strive for happiness, health and humanity because they are the true wealth, power, and respect.
And last but not least

RULE #10. Stop living the life of an animal just bc society has become a zoo. This is even more cause for you to rise above all that is around you and to work alongside someone in love, with love, for love and purpose so that you both become better people and the world becomes a better place.

Oh, if only ego were put on the back burner where it belongs. Sometimes, what you have learned the hard way was never for you in the first place; but for you to teach and share with someone else. In life we get to choose and be whatever we want each and every day. That is why the FACEBOOK facades and Social Media “inventing” of one’s celebrity ranks so high. People are making up who they are for others without realizing they were created to make up their minds and DETERMINE who they want to be so it could really be. You see pretending to be never had to enter the equation…. but then again that would mean folks would have to get real with themselves so they could be honest with you.

As for relationships: You will have some that draw upon your energy, some that inspire you, some that keep you stuck, some that feed you, some that take, some that give, some that are fun, some that are draining, some that fuel, some that hurt… but the BEST relationship rules is a tag team of balance where LOVE is the main ingredient that yields all things whatsoever good, becomes great, and heals the rest. Separate yourself from any of the aforementioned bc ones with ALL of the aforementioned exists and is waiting to be found. {{whispers}} … the relationship you desire, thirst, and strive for can only be sourced from and found from within YOU!!!


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