I am undergoing so many changes, that it is criminal that I am not stopping to write ALL of the things being given to me to say. I am going to attempt to do better honestly. Believe it or not, God has been blessing me so very much that the clients (excellent clients) are steady flowing and then I have all of those groups to which I am a member on Facebook; I think I’m up to 102 now… so the content management part of my life is undergoing some changes. Anyway, Hustle Mama is my brand and my first love, so I will try to be more honoring of that and this. OK, with all of that said, I am eager to share what this morning brought.

Back in October, when I decided to convert my lifestyle from eating meat to being a raw vegan, I stopped cold turkey. Instead of gradually changing by starting off becoming a vegetarian, then vegan, then raw vegan, I jumped right in. I decided that raw vegan was the best thing to be, and I was determined to be a successful one. That is how I’ve always approached EVERYTHING I do…do the best I can to be the best at whatever I’m doing so that there’s no question that with everything I commit to, I’ve given my all.

Anyway, I believe I was able to sustain the newfound lifestyle for three weeks. I had many contraindications once I began my journey. I went through withdrawal so badly I suffered the most excruciating headaches. They were PAINFUL. My very smooth and clear skin broke out in one section all at once. It was as if I got slapped on one side of my face with a cheese grater. It was crazy. People told me not to worry about it, that my body was going through detox, and the impurities were coming out.

It was too much too fast, and I had to go back to eating cooked food. What I did decide to do was become a vegetarian. It’s been an entire nine months, and I have not slipped once and am very proud of myself. As my face is only now ‘beginning’ to clear up (although I’m still not completely satisfied), I am hoping that my next attempt to convert to raw will not have the same effects.

This time I plan to do a detox program first. I will begin to ‘gradually’ reduce my cooked food intake and work on changing my habits. I learned so much from this experience and was reminded of it when I was performing my twice-daily facial regimen.

I have severe bruising and dark circles under my eyes. While some of it is lack of rest, most of the bruising is from me rubbing them every day because of the itching and my allergies. I rub them sometimes until they are sore. And don’t let me be upset about anything to the point of tears, because then it’s going to be on.

Anyway, I was putting my cream under my eyes, was thinking about the conversion to vegan as I was noticing the healing of the side of my face. Then it occurred to me that THIS ENTIRE EXPERIENCE is a transferable life experience.

There are times in life when we are hasty because of our excitement and anticipation to have, do, or perform something of great magnitude. If we are not careful and cautious, our hastiness could have an adverse effect, and we can change the outcome of our anticipated initial expectation. When that happens, we may need to re-group take a couple of steps back.

Likewise, when we become bruised – our feelings get hurt, our heart gets broken, or we experience some type of tragic loss, we must take special care of what has been bruised. We can treat the area of broken-ness the way we always have, for it will not be a sufficient remedy. I have had to use special creams under my eyes to repair the damaged skin cells. We must apply exclusive healing solutions to those areas of brokenness so that what’s been damaged can experience healing and subsequent regeneration.

I realized that my face is clearing up because I have been paying extra attention and tending to that area. The healing of the skin cells is regenerating. I have minded the area under my eyes, and with the careful attention and special considerations I’ve been making, that area has been healing as well.

Why shouldn’t we invoke the same process when we’ve experienced a heart hurt, a job loss, or a family crisis. To make any THING well again, a regeneration must take place. For that to happen, healing MUST precede it. The healing of any area is going to require KNOWLEDGE of what happened so that we don’t repeat damaging behaviors, the application of the PROPER REMEDY so that we treat the cause and not the symptoms, and then the patient application and tending to the affected area so that healing can ensue.

All bruises heal over time, but those that are nurtured and cared for with an EXTRA effort of application and attentiveness are those bruises that heal with limited to no scarring at all.