by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 21, 2020, at 1:00 pm
Although life does seem to be hopeless at times and despair takes over, your mental, and everything starts looking meaningless does not indeed mean that it will remain that way. Sometimes purposes are revealed in different stages of your life, and a guaranteed knowledge on why it happened does not correlate to everyone’s life the same. Have you ever thought about those who feel they know why they exist or why the world is the way that it is?
I just received a text message this morning from a friend of mine, and he was responding to a question about an event I asked him about last night. So he says, why are you up so early? I said because I LOVE waking up and being with the Lord before everyone else gets to Him with demands. I said, why are you up? He said because I’m Ninjah (Nigg) Rich and lonely. It’s so sad…. so while everyone is waiting for a certain amount of money before they have a mate or settle down in a relationship, you better know that there are people ou, there with nothing but dollars who wish they had a certain amount of ONE person to be with.
Also, I remembered that I need to do some self-reflectin,g. For example, I love how, when t, here are long comments on a thread I say something, and they come at my neck or give the side-eye, but let another brother say the same thing, and it’s “AMEN, talk that talk”… LOL. It’s so funny b/c I’m like Ummm you do know this is the record of your fakeness, right??? #yeahI’mputtingyouonblast… Just felt like keeping it real and raw as always… but with LOVE, of course. Be true to who you are and how you are by staying CONSISTENT, T and not anyway,y, the wind blows.
What always cracks me up is when I say something on a thread, and the chicks come at my neck. WOMEN are so thirsty and competitive, and they try so hard to act like they aren’t when they are. SMH… the funny thing is I’m like “YO, but I see you and if I do, you know he must too”… LOL OMG Y’all. That’s why you guys can kick game all the time, b/c women out here are straight desperate like they can handle theirs.
When you’ve reached the point in your life when you value men for who they are without a hidden agenda to gain anything from them including devotion, a commitment, or a relationship… when you keep it 100 with them and are kind and appreciative for what they bring to your friends and contribute to society without the expectation of anything in return… THEN is when you’ve learned the ART of being THAT ONE that makes them look twice, think twice, and second guess why they aren’t with you for life. TRUST ME though this particular skill is like class, you either have it, or you don’t. It can’t be taught, bought, learned, shared, or imparted…it is something that just is, it comes from within, and when I,t’s genuine and not forced, it shines all over you like a high pro (performance) glow to all my sisters that rock that SHINE, let me shout you out.
GET YOUR SHINE ON MY LOVELY SISTERS. The brothers SEE you, they RECOGNIZE and trust they KNOW. Oh yeah and sorry,… for the sisters who rock that SHINE but have that DESPERADO thirst underneath, um, they SEE that too. They just act like they’re fooled. Sorry.

LIFE is like an obstacle course; those challenges are used to increase your skill and your stamina.

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