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Raising a Daughter and Getting It Right

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Raising a Daughter and Getting It Right


I am a father of 3, 2 daughters and 1 son. I love all of my children. My last daughter I birthed myself; so that bond is stronger.

To witness your child come into the world and knowing her life is literally in your hands, is just something words cannot explain. From that moment, she knew she had nothing to worry about; Daddy’s got her. We could see each other every second, every minute, every day, and you would think my daughter has not seen me in years.

Something about hearing her scream to the top of her lungs “DADDY!” brings joy to my heart. I was not really around for my first 2 children, but I tried (and still try to this day) to form a bond with them, because regardless, they still need their father in their lives. I now understand what people mean when they say “A daughter’s first love is her father”, because no other man exists in her eyes and that is as it should be. Being a man and knowing and having to come to grips with things you have done in your past, makes raising a daughter not easy. I will make sure to instill in her the do’s and don’ts when it comes to guys.

Of course, in the end, your child will make her own choices, but, with proper guidance and a role model to look up to on how a girl should be treated, hopefully she will set the bar high.

My daughter knows she is a princess. I was raised by Queens and I share that with her every chance I get.

I am extremely thankful for the great women in my life (my mom, my aunt, my grandmother and my godmother), and because of them I am able to give that sensitive side to my daughter. In the end, I hope she will need her Dad and a friend. It’s not easy, but I plan on doing my best. It is a joy to raise a daughter and I want nothing more than to get it right.

BY: G.B.

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