By Mariel Ferry

Have you ever noticed how people in this new generation have done a complete 180, since the original way our founding fathers wanted it to be ran? The original purpose of creating one “United” States of America was for everyone to have a voice in what they wanted to see the government do and now it is almost like our government is one big bully. Whatever happened to a thing called unity, but most importantly, RESPECT?

Let’s step away from politics and look at a bigger picture, such as the way we treat everyday people in our society is atrocious. Today’s times have people attacking the disabled, killing one another, blurting one racist comment after another (whether it is in person to someone else or online), and let’s not even forget to mention the middle finger infatuation. Whatever happened to RESPECT?  Where is the empathy our older generations were taught?  Honestly, is this what we want our new generation of children seeing and doing? I surely hope not! RESPECT, something that is earned when given, but is no longer thought of!  I see now why more teachers are leaving the education system.

If Ms. Jones has a class of 30 or more students to teach, she cannot hold up the class because little Johnny refuses to get up from his seat, even after she nicely said please. Parents think blaming the school system for Susie’s behavior will solve all their hollering and give them the “Parent of the Year” award, but there must be a foundation here in which this all started. Children live what they learn.  Parents must understand that they are their children’s first role model.  RESPECT is something that starts in the home and depending on how it is instilled in a child, that child shall leave home and display it in public settings.  We are seeing way too many social media videos of students bullying their teachers and instead of someone coming to the aid of the teacher, the students are all sitting around laughing and videotaping it.

If at one point in time, you considered someone your friend, because you two are no longer friends, does not and should not give you free rein to tell all of the persons business.  A friend is a friend, whether they agree or disagree.  The RESPECT that was once there, should continue long after you two-part ways.  Don’t burn bridges you might one day have to cross again!

Moving on, can someone please explain why the disabled have become punching bags! They are regular people just like us. You should help somebody put groceries away, not bust through their door, scare them, and/or rob them. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen videos or heard stories of young people mistreating the elderly because they think it is fun.  Older generations taught that you are supposed to respect your elders, where is that teaching at now.

Okay, rant over, but RESPECT is something this country, heck this world, is severely lacking and the wrong people are getting blamed for it or being put in the office to control it.  I hope in the near future we can reinforce RESPECT into our daily teachings, so we as a whole can restore RESPECT back into our schools, our homes, our workplaces, our travels…let us restore it into everything.  RESPECT cannot be implemented by one person, it has to be implemented by everyone.  It takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a world to give and show RESPECT.  Same way we pledge of allegiance, let’s make a promise to ourselves to pitch in and help out and let’s recreate the harmonious environment we all once knew or heard of.