Smoking Cigarettes is a perfectly designed trap. Most people start when they are young and open to peer pressure.

Cigarettes companies had carefully crafted their marketing messages for decades before governments cracked down on their behavior. Now they have turned their attention to promoting in developing countries with large populations.

They promoted the image of the smoker as being relaxed, or rugged or sophisticated, and generations of young people bought the message they sold. Over time other young people already having embraced the habit carried on the job, making it easy for the big companies to keep on sucking people into this deadly trap.

Even years after cigarette advertising was banned, the message is still being passed on. As you well know, the habit becomes so strong that it can be difficult to escape this nicotine trap. In the era when cigarette advertising was banned in formula one motorsports, teams continued to paint their cars in the tobacco company colors, because of the revenue attached. Eventually, this was also forbidden, and the sponsorship stopped.

If you are like most smokers, you have tried many times to quit. You may have messed with your brain with the popular pharmaceutical drug, which, according to Johns Hopkins medical university, should be banned.

Or you plastered your shoulders with nicotine patches until you had nightmares, and you still smoked. Maybe you tried going cold turkey, struggling for days until you gave in and lit up a smoke, feeling both relieved and disappointed.
I guess you may even start to wonder if you will ever escape from the clutches of cigarettes. Any benefits you once felt you gained have long since evaporated into a puff of toxic smoke, and all you are left with is a habit that is ruining your health and emptying your pockets.

Escape is not only possible, but it is also virtually guaranteed when using advanced hypnosis, you are treated as an individual, and all your unique issues are addressed. You may be surprised that with the right kind of support and assistance that you can quit with little or no effort or cravings, and any needs that do surface will be easily and quickly managed. Even though you may feel like smoking has caught you in a tiger trap, hypnosis is the ladder that has been lowered down to allow you to climb up into the fresh, clean air, and never go back.