By crown I mean that hair!
I talk so much about clothing and wardrobe, but there is another element I don’t us to forget, HAIR!
I Love-Love-LOVE HAIR! I love hairstyles, hair color & hair texture of all kinds! I even love the close shaved head! A close cropped or shaved head is the opportunity to shown the shape of your beautiful head, allow ease to your lifestyle and paint that face!

In a time where the Selfie and now the Slofie is so important, make sure you got that crown Right & Tight!

I am an advocate of natural hair texture for all women with naturally curly and kinky hair of all ethnicities. Some of us have hair that will not grow down, but grows out and that’s okay too! ALL HAIR IS GOOD HAIR! It’s important we embrace what grows out of our head, in its natural form. Never be ashamed of what makes you! There is nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty, but what make a true queen is to be unapologetically herself! Remember, the ability to grow hair is a blessing, in itself.

Glorify your hair and hair’s texture by purchasing products that moisturize and help you enhance the texture. Textured hair has a tendency to be dry, so keeping it moisturized to enhance your texture is important. Being aware of your hair’s ability will not only strengthen the hair itself, but your ability to know how to wear it and thus your confidence.

It seems like there’s always a new IG or YouTube Hair Guru, who offers advice on techniques and product. Try to pay attention to the comments and experience of others. If they’ve had negative reactions you want to be aware, even more so, than if the experience was positive. Spending hard earned money and time on things that don’t benefit you will only upset you and you will become less likely to try something new next time. Ask other people how they enjoyed the product and if you have the opportunity, if they would suggest it for your hair type. Hair care is very expensive, so experimentation should be researched. Moving slow and being methodic is the best way to maintain that crown. Once your satisfied with your learnings, be it a styling technique, shampoo, hair care products or hair styling tools knowledge it will help you spend your hard earned funds wisely.

Maintaining your appearance with the help of hairstylist is important for professional color, conditioning and cuts. I love doing my own hair but nothing will ever compare to allowing a professional to take care of my tresses, on a scheduled basis.

With close cropped or bald head, a professional is extremely personal. The hair and hairline maintenance is crucial to you appearance so chose wisely and never skimp, on cost.  If you maintain your hair/head yourself, remember your razor should be clean and sharp. Make sure to change your blade regularly to avoid razor bumps and poorly cut surfaces.

Think of the fact that the professional has the ability to see your whole head, some thing we as humans are unable to do. While professional use can be expensive, it’s up to you to decide how much you want and need. Think of the professional as a base-layer or touchstone, then decide how often you continue to use them, for your maintenance. This advice goes for all hair types.

I am someone who enjoys having different hairstyles for different outfits. Things don’t always workout, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying.

Using media to get new ideas is something very helpful. A plethora of ideas, on so many different type of people bringing concepts to the table and breaking them down to simple techniques is so great for the “Average Josephine”.  New bun ideas, braid on braids, twist versions and the combination of twist-braids & buns for all hair types is fun and exciting.

With work, chores and sometimes just a lack of imagination, it’s great that there are people out there who can just offer a new visual of “Hey, how about this?”.  Use the internet and magazines to bring you ideas for updo’s , curl or straightening techniques and color.

While I’ve done articles, focusing on your signature look; if part of your signature is your hairstyle then, this may not be your focus, but there is still an opportunity, in detail for the signature look. 

Playing with bangs, two or three different ponytail modifications and twist ideas only adds excitement to your overall appearance and coordination to our Put Togethers.

For queens who have signature hairstyles, adding a new type of scarf, barrette or headband can be transformative.

Scarfs are always great. They can be used to tie your ponytail, as a headband , cover the entire head with a choice of hair showing in the back or twist the scarf to the back with hair showing in the front. Scarves also have a range of tie ideas; another area where that good ole internet can be helpful.

Barrettes are simple and easy yet impactful. Barrettes coming in a range of size, width, materials and colors, you can use one or one hundred to get a unique appearance.

Headbands can come in a range of width fabrics and hairstyles. Think about the different metallic colors, beading, and application ideas even with a basic bob or ponytail offering a new look.

There are still so many different items that can be added to your hair for fun! Jewels, bobby-pins, beading in braids and bows of all sizes and color. I recently helped a girlfriend add mylar fringe to her ponytail for a Lady GaGa concert! Imagination and time are great resources, for your tresses.

Another important thing to remember is your finishing. Make sure you keep the right combs, brushes and pins to create your look. Make sure to have the right gel, mousse, lotion or anything else that might be suggested, to help with the perfect crown.

Make a habit of planning out the intricate details before you start, so you can achieve your masterpiece with all the right equipment.

Time management is important.
Martha Stewart says never try a new recipe,  on guest. I say never try a new hairstyle 1st thing, of a busy morning. Try it out the night before or on the weekend when you have free time. Once you see how long it will take you to finish your new hairstyle, how much gel and hairspray you’ll need you will work faster and better every time. Muscle memory will react better on your 2nd and 3rd time you attempt your crown perfection and that hairdo that might have taken you 15-20 minutes hopefully can be knocked out in 7 minutes flat with practice.

Whether you decide on detailed updos, fantastic curls that grow out with a bit of color or twist which make you feel at ease, remember that you are a queen and your crown should always be reflective!

Enjoy your reign!