Pursuing Your Goals

Pursuing Your Goals

Setting goal is easy but, pursuing your goals take a considerable amount of time. There are times when you feel exhausted and at the break of giving them up since it seems impossible and it feels like it will take forever to achieve them.

Before you determine in pursuing your goals, you should work on a process that can help decide whether it is the right time to pursue this goal. Like this phrase, “in the right time and right place,” Eliminating goals that are not suitable for this moment will save you much time and ease your frustrations.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Choose your goal: Your goal must be precise, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. It can be small or big, and set a deadline for you to achieve that goal.

Important goals must be sorted into smaller pieces to guarantee daily accountability. For example, if you want to reach a 26km run and are just starting, you can begin conditioning yourself by running 5k a day per week and then figuring out if you can achieve that 26km run.

2. Distinguish how you benefit from the goal: People often fail to achieve their goals because they focus on the costs rather than the profits. “If I will stop smoking,” one of the common reasons is, ” I might be depressed again, and I don’t like the feeling”. Or “if I want to reach a 26km run”, people would complain of the pain they are experiences that triggered them to quit halfway through.

Think of the positive things that you can get once you achieve your goals. As you set your goals, create a list of the tangible rewards that you can give or gain when you reach them.

3. Identify the obstructions that stand within you and your goal: To avoid the overwhelming feelings, you need to identify obstacles in pursuing your goals. Thoughtful preparation in advance reduces much of this failure, but you must know that you can’t always see the hurdles ahead. That’s why commitment, drive, focus, and passion are necessary. Patience and responsibility are essential as well. Always remember to keep your focus, so you don’t easily get sidetracked.