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Pros and Cons of working online

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This is the age of connectivity, and the internet is just about everywhere in our lives. Android devices and on-the-go connectivity has made it possible to remain connected, receive and deliver information virtually from anywhere anytime. This has opened new avenues for businesses, and many of them are resorting to hiring online, where companies do not need to open offices, and employees can work online from the comfort of their homes.

On the surface, it seems to be a win-win situation for both employer and employee; businesses do not need to pay for renting workspaces. Employees enjoy working from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Like all other arrangements in life, working online has its fair share of pros and cons. Here is a list of a few pros and cons of working online:


  • The employee has the liberty to have flexible working hours with goals to achieve only
  • There are no commuting hassles or expenses involved
  • No need to buy expensive working dresses for formal working environments
  • The employee doesn’t have to bear the stress of being supervised all the time
  • Certain portions of the taxes can be written off as home office expense
  • The employees usually get incidental expenses compensation from the employer
  • It’s easier to take care of the kids and other home responsibilities while working online from home.


  • You need to be exceptionally well organized and disciplined to work online without supervision or someone to make sure that you work during the prescribed hours.
  • It needs a tremendous amount of self-motivation to work stand-alone without any external pressures.
  • There is a lot more involved in working in an office physically than just a job. You make social connections, friends and interact with humans. You miss out on all these aspects when you work online from home.
  • You miss out on a lot of fun like office functions, trips, bonuses, and parties when you work online from home.
  • You reduce your chances of professional advancement by being absent from the scene when new openings or opportunities are presented.
  • By working online, you are judged by the numbers you produce only. Some employers would never know and value you as a person. Your work ethic would only be represented by your timely and positive achievement of the assigned job. In short, you would have a digital persona.
  • You would constantly be exposed to hazards of overworking and unhealthy working conditions from the confines of a room. A period of personal slackness due to lack of supervision may be followed by long hours of intense work to meet deadlines, which is a sure recipe for stress and unhealthy work ethics.
  • Most of all, you would either be too lonely or would have too many distractions to perform efficiently and be as productive as you should be in a typical working environment.
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