by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 10, 2020, at 1:00 pm


Last night I had to do a sermon on a national conference call line, and if I were to tell you of all the “nonsense” because that is precisely what it was, that took place beforehand, up until, and even DURING the call (yes during), you wouldn’t believe me. Let’s just say that by the end of all the “happenings,” my computer screen went completely black, and I was forced to deliver the message without my notes or scriptural references. OMG. I was like “c’mon now, not today”… LOL.

My message was THE POWER IS IN THE PROMISE, and while most of my scriptures dealt with and came out of John 14, I was pulling prophetic and promising words from all over the place. Here is what I shared.

If we were to approach our perception and view of GOD (or whatever you choose to call your Creator) through the eyes of A PARENT and the rite of passage of the entire parental/child relationship, I believe a whole consciousness shift would evolve. When we as human beings DECIDE, we are going to have a baby (PRO-CREATE), it is because we have the DESIRE to LIVE ON THROUGH our OFFSPRING. There is this YEARNING INSIDE of us TO IMPART WHO we are, ALL that we are, and EVERYTHING we have INTO THE REMNANT of ourselves. We do so WITH THE EXPECTATION that WHO COMES FROM US WILL BE born WITH OUR DNA, OUR CHARACTERISTICS, OUR IMAGE, and yes, even OUR ATTRIBUTES/HABITS. We become EXCITED AT the POSSIBILITIES OF their FUTURE as we wait WITH the HIGHEST HOPES FOR their BIRTH, their GROWTH, and they’re BECOMING all things and even MORE THAN we could ever DREAM FOR THEM or IMAGINE. THERE IS an attachment of JOY, PROTECTIVENESS, and PRIDE associated with OUR WORK IN AND THROUGH them. PARENTING is a job taken seriously and TO HEART. As parents, WE WANT ONLY THE best for our children, and we hope that they NEVER have to ENDURE PAIN of any kind IF WE can PREVENTit. It is IN OUR best EFFORTS that we sacrifice so that THEY SUCCEED, that we INSTRUCT and correct out of LOVE. We take the VOW of their care, and in all honesty, even after they’ve grown up TO BE and BECOME, the role of a parent never ends. As DESTINY would have it, we consider our lives to be about the PROVISION we can make and the legacy we can leave behind FOR GENERATIONS to come after us. And to think that at the end of the day THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF our lives, and EVERY MEASURE of it in-between, is in the ENDLESS and INFINITE POWER of the power OF  LOVE, which OF course is GOD BECAUSE GOD IS love and is IN US!

*And for those of you who are unclear as to what the actual promise is that gives you power, just read only the words that are in capital letters and bold and behold you will see the sign and the source of the power that lies within it!

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