POWERHOUSE Woman Sydia Colbert – From Victory to Victorious

sydia colbert

“Humble” and “Grateful” are two words that best describes Sydia Colbert. Sydia was born and raised in Roosevelt-Long Island, New York.

Growing up in a large family, her parents focused on making sure that they had the basics and also that they understood what was important. Her mother used to say “who care what people have to say? So what, Sydia. Let them talk, its only words.” Her father would say” I send you to school to get an education, not for a fashion show.” Little did they know those words did hurt and although she knew she was not there to be popular, to a point it bothered her that she was not liked.

What made Sydia different from her peers when she was growing up was that she preferred to help others and go to church, while they chose to make fun of those same people she was helping. Her heart was so big, but her pockets were small, so she did what she could and prayed on the rest.

Anyone looking in from the outside, saw Sydia being raised in a one -family peaceful home. At a young age, Sydia Colbert learned to smile in public and cry in private. She learned how to walk with her shoulders high in school, but fall to her knees at home in her bedroom. Life was hard but to the average person, you have both parents, Sydia should have no complaints… WRONG!

Just when Sydia thought her situation could not get any worst, it was at the young age of 16 that her father had decided he had enough of her mother’s drinking. She remembered crying begging her father not to leave. Unbeknownst to her, shortly after, Sydia also would find herself out of the house, just under different circumstances, suddenly she was homeless.

In 2010, Sydia Colbert formed “Lost Angels Society”, with the purpose of helping other lost souls by being their angel here on earth. Lost Angels Society’s mission is to increase public awareness around issues of teenage homelessness throughout New York City, while empowering these at-risk individuals in a safe place.

Hustle Mama Magazine invites you to read the struggles of a strong woman who overcame her fears and re-found her faith.

Grab your tissues as she reveals her testimony and how she went from being Victim to being Victorious.

“My goal is to change the life of a homeless teen taking tidbits from my own experience!”

HMM: What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?

SC: Growing up in a house with a big family it was fun. We didn’t have to find friends to play with, we always had one another . We had family game nights most Friday’s . We played games like Bingo, Monopoly and a host of other games.

with spirit. Spirit will always guide you, ego will divide. If I could offer advice to a married couple, it would be simply remove EGO!

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HMM: Tell us about “Lost Angels Society” and why you do what you do?

HMM: What advice would you offer other young teens with a “DREAM”?

SC: What i would advise any teen with a DREAM to BELIEVE in your vision. No matter what, keep going, even if you have to go by yourself…JUST GO. Also, always remember “To whom Much Is Given Much Is Required!” “Don’t just pay it forward, always remember to pray it forward!”

HMM: What is the one thing you want people to remember most about you and your work?

SC: Lost Angels Society is a nonprofit for youth. Youths that come from broken homes for whatever reasons the homes may be broken. It is an outlet that young people can come and feel free to express themselves and release whatever they may be holding onto. It is an outlet that will pour back good energy and support in all areas of their lives. The reason we do what we do is to teach young people “you are not your situation.”

SC: Amazing you ask this question! One day I sat and asked myself this same question. Honestly, there is only two things that I want them to remember about me. 1) I did what God placed her here to do and 2) I never wanted any recognition for it.

Being honored at the 2017 SFS Awards, humbled me even more. It was such an unexpected blessing and a welcomed one.

We strive to give them hope to inspire them go change the way they think, which is the only way they can change where they are going. We aspire to inspire young people from all walks of life that you are just a part of the game of life and only you can control which player you will be. The one who chooses to win or the one who sits back and watch everyone else win! We want all young people to know that there is hope and that there is an outlet that will always be there to pour into you whenever you need a refill. “I am proud to be a 2017 SFS Award Recipient for my dedication to the community!”

HMM: I know you have spoken about your failed marriage and how at first you blamed yourself. In your opinion why are relationships failing today and if you could offer advice to a married couple, what would that be?

HMM: Would you consider yourself a driven person? What makes you a POWERHOUSE? What is the source of your strength?

SC: I would consider myself as a driven person. I am a POWERHOUSE, because I allow spirit to lead and I follow. My source of strength is mediation and being in tune with my higher self and maintaining good energy and positive vibes at all times, no matter the situation is, I maintain my strength.

HMM: Who do you most admire and why?

SC: I admire most of all my Mother and Father! I know some may say it goes against my story I tell, but one thing about my parents is that I learned all of my values from them. Giving no matter what; being grateful for what you have; and that you will always have what you need. Most importantly, never forget where you came from and always take care of family. Thank you Frances Limehouse & Tracy Colbert, Sr., I love you.

SC: First, I will say nothing is a failure, all things are lessons and blessings. I blamed myself at first, because I once forgot my value and self-worth. In my opinion relationships are failing today, because people forget to remove ego and replace it.

HMM: What can we look for from you for 2018?

SC: In 2018 you can look for Lost Angels Society Annual Gala, which is happening March 24, 2018. This Gala is an event where we use all proceeds towards the opening up of our 24-hour recreational center. Also, looking forward to our annual Back-to-School event, which happens every August, where we are currently traveling within the five boroughs giving out 400 book bags to families in need. Lastly, we will also continue to host Teen Summits throughout the year.

For more details or donations for Lost Angels Society, please visit the website at www.lostangelssociety.com or email me at lostangelssociety@gmail.com