Powerhouse Woman Ann Feinstein


 Ann Feinstein— “Clearly and simply, I base my business and personal decisions on building trust, loyalty and relationships with integrity, as I never want to have to look over my shoulder, as I take it to heart to treat other people in my life as I would like to be treated.”


I want my audiences, my team and my private coaching clients to laugh, think, and leave every event or session where I speak & train to be empowered to breakthrough their fears, expand their comfort zone, to create their own break through story and bold destiny, lead more effectively,and enjoy life more along the way!

 Ann Feinstein & David Feinstein have been married for 30 years and are living the network marketing dream.

Initially as a high school English/Theater teacher, Ann moved to New York City where she met David, a leading business manager/accountant in the entertainment industry, and she became Director of Research for a Park Avenue consulting firm.

Feeling trapped in a 40 story Manhattan office building, like corporate prisoners working over 70-80 hours a week, the Feinsteins took refuge each weekend to decompress at their NJ mini-farm only to dread driving back through the Lincoln Tunnel each Monday morning to begin all over again.

Dreaming about finding a serious business they could work together to free them from their corporate and small business grind, while utilizing their unique talents, they found network marketing in 1987 and never looked back.

Over the next 18 years, their organization expanded into 13 countries with over 100,000 team members, even before the internet! That global experience certainly prepared them for building their current multi-million dollar team in more than 40 countries over the last seven years.

As Executive Diamond Directors serving on their company’s Leadership Advisory Council, Ann Feinstein was named one of the Top 100 Direct Selling Mentors and is a featured speaker/trainer at global network marketing professional events, while David has become a recognized contributor to many network marketing publications. While actively participating & contributing to many of their company’s charitable global projects, the Feinsteins were honored with the prestigious Global Ambassador, Inspiration of the Year & Drivers of the Year awards as well as inducted into their company’s Hall of Fame.

Having the time of their lives traveling the world together, they were able to move back home to Pennsylvania just when their family needed them! Now that’s FREEDOM!

To learn more about her, visit her web site: Ann Feinstein


are doing more than living the dream… they are making the dreams of others come true!


Ann Feinstein is inspiring, empowering, & building a team of entrepreneurs all over the world. She is leaving her mark of excellence internationally while domestically creating a blueprint that is sure to be a signature of excellence for many. She is not only spending her life with her soulmate by her side, they have built their business empire side-by-side as well.

HMM: What is it about this that makes you do what you do?
AF: This has given me the greatest platform to SEE the world, MAKE a million friends, and LIVE Life on Purpose! And, David & I will be forever grateful for the freedom & flexibility we had to move back to PA just when my parents needed us here … something no one ever expects to be a significant benefit when they begin their business, but none the less … priceless!

HMM: What is your definition of peace? What is your definition of success?
AF: I feel peaceful after I have accomplished something either large or small that I may have put off for whatever reason … fear, frustration, procrastination, or lack of focus … I feel successful when I know I have made a difference for someone or a situation, either by just listening, helping to solve a problem, offering a creative option, or empowering others to take action!

HMM: What is the one thing you want people to remember most about you and your work?
AF: I would love people to remember that I gave people HOPE — by Helping Other People Evolve. This is the reason I wrote “8 Secrets to an Astonishing Life” and give it away as a free ebook on AnnFeinstein.com now in both English and Spanish, and kicked off a weekly video blog series there on “Skill Sets for Success” to help people stay focused on learning, earning and growing.

HMM: What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in? I grew up in a loving home in Bucks County, PA outside of Philadelphia with 2 younger brothers. Dad worked for the same manufacturing company for over 45 years, and Mom was a home maker until my youngest brother was in high school and then she became a successful real estate agent. Both were very active in our community and instilled in us the importance of education, a strong work ethic, taking responsibility for ourselves, and giving back.

HMM: Were you a dreamer growing up? What kinds of dreams did you have? Having grown up in a home where Broadway show tunes & musicals were always playing on the living room stereo, our summer family entertainment consisted of seeing live repertory theater. So yes, I developed a bit of the “theatre bug” from the production side, and became the first high school apprentice to the Bucks County Theatre in New Hope, PA.

It was a natural next step to go to college and earn a degree in English and Theatre Education, all the while fostering my love for animals and interest in veterinary medicine. I realize that what I do today as a speaker and trainer on a global platform was set in motion by these early experiences and further enhanced when I met and married my entrepreneurial husband. And, together we have been able to help fund several medical and education projects for children and animal rescue sanctuaries that are truly making a difference and fulfilling a part of our purpose driven plan.

HMM: What advice do you have for others who have THE dream?

Live by these 3 simple rules:
1) If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it;
2) If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no;
3) If you do not step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.

How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were going to do for the rest of your life?

After graduating from Penn State and becoming a high school English and Drama teacher, I moved to NYC where I met my husband David, a successful self- made business manager/accountant in the entertainment industry.

After successfully transitioning to corporate as Director of Research for a Park Avenue consulting firm, at the age of 34, I began to feel trapped like a corporate prisoner in a 40 story Manhattan office building, working over 70 – 80 hours a week.

To overcome this, we took refuge each weekend to decompress at our NJ mini-farm, only to dread driving back through the Lincoln Tunnel each Monday morning to begin all over again. Deep down inside I knew I was not living my truth after all those years of running in the corporate treadmill chasing the next promotion.

Watching David’s entrepreneurial activities, I wanted to take back my life and my freedom. So David & I talked about finding something we could do together, where we could draw upon our individual talents, and create something bigger than the both of us, that would allow us the platform to give back to our communities, and travel the world together.

“When you turn yourself on FIRE … others will come to see you burn!”

Too often, we tend to allow our FEAR of the unknown, or the fears expressed by others who think they

know best, to hold us back. WHY? Because we have been conditioned to play it safe, not take chances, and to stay within our comfort zone.

In a recent keynote on “Dance with Your Fear … and WIN!” I talk about why pain & fear are 2 things most people don’t want to talk about, yet are necessary steps toward EPIC kick butt breakthroughs that had the audience on their feet ready to “Bring it on!”

How hard was it breaking into the business? Which one do you think there’s more of? Those who pay their dues, or opportunity meeting preparation?

Twenty-six years ago, before the internet, social media, cell phones, and technology like Skype, we built our business locally first face to face in NYC, then expanded to NJ.

I can remember my first mentor telling me “Ann, you need to think nationally!” I must have looked like a deer in headlights when he told me that … after all, who did I know nationally to talk to? But I just couldn’t let go of his suggestion … it haunted me day & night and I knew that meant it was time to expand my comfort zone. After all, I had braved the move to living and working in NYC, which had opened my eyes to the multi-cultural world potential waiting.

So I gathered my courage and wrote a tiny ad for the NY Times classified section advertising my business… that was one of my big first steps as an entrepreneur! And, as I look back, the ad was not tremendously clever or brilliantly written — just 3 simple lines, and all I could afford.

Now, besides some very strange people responding, the ad caught the attention of a dentist from Israel who was looking for a business to expand back in his country. After a few meetings with him and David in NYC, and laying the ground work over the next several months, I decided to fly to Israel about a week after the Gulf crisis. I can remember telling my mother about my plans, and her response was: “Honey, didn’t they just have a war there?” to which I naively responded, “Yes! But that was over last week!”

You see, when you have a purpose with clear vision and a plan, the fear just falls away … and my global business began from that one contact which eventually expanded into 13 countries with over 100,000 people involved. Sometimes it only takes one person, or one door to open, that can change everything! And, looking back, that early experience prepared us for our next opportunity eight years ago to launch a new global company and build a multi-million dollar team in more than 40 countries.

Right place at the right time? No, I think it was more of the courage to take action and build relationships, mixed with tenacity and purpose that create opportunities. I truly believe that we are always one choice away from changing our lives.

“Impact … It’s NEVER about where it happens … it’s ALWAYS about WHO makes it happen!” Impact starts with developing the right mindset, making a decision to move forward and stop all of the excuses, and create a working plan with a mastermind of like minded people, who collaborate together.