Powerhouse Ashley M. Buie

word of god

Word of God—We all know that finding your true path takes time. Sometimes, in order to we must not only think out of journey that we are sure is personally like to challenge opportunity.

I have found discover new ways of new hobbies, new dreams. I have always wants to stay up as much try my best to find the single circumstance I find myself in. I automatically reject the words can’t and impossible and replace them with can and possible!

If nothing more, I would like to share that we must continue to be inspired and motivated to take on new challenges, different paths and definitely picture ourselves as overcomers. Being able to succeed past any obstacles we find placed in our way should be the mantra of any and every Hustle Mama. Yes, we all know that “Our Plan” may not always be exactly as “God’s Plan” or in perfect timing with; however, I believe sometimes in the word of God likes to see what we plan to make of what we have been given and tasked to do. We have heard way too often that without a test there can be no testimony; without pain, we cannot endure love; without battling weaknesses, we can never truly know strength. Well, I believe that without the entire journey, we never discover or find our true path.

Let your life and your future end with an exclamation mark! Be proud to say “I DID THAT!” Everyone needs a pep squad to cheer them on every once in awhile and sometimes we just need that one person in our ear to support our cause and help us believe we can do it. We at Hustle Mama Magazine are here for you. We hope our articles inspire, motivate and guide you towards your path, towards your dreams, and towards being the best Hustle Mama you could ever be!

“When you start moving in your purpose, He makes the paths and the lanes to execute it.”

My life has been overrun with blessing after blessing both personally and professionally despite the challenges I have faced with my health. In 2015, I am only expecting more of the same. I have launched a pro-social campaign called I am a Mom, an organization created to raise money for grieving mothers of color who have lost their children to police brutality. The cases in Ferguson and New York surrounding the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, spurred me on to do something to help the people most affected by these devastating events heal. I am also working on my next novel, entitled, The End of The Beginning.

The Truth: Wrapped in Love is available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and Godzchildproductions.net. You can also order an autographed copy by emailing amac@birdseyeentertainment.com.

The Truth: Wrapped in Love is about a message. It is a message that resonates so plainly in the Word of God that has been perverted and complicated over decades.

I wanted to offer to the world a simple understanding of the Word that made its message of Love relevant and practical.

It’s been quoted that this book is “a refreshing perspective on the Word of God.” It explains the power of faith, the need for acceptance and a strong testimony, that can hopefully h elp someone else find purpose in their pain.

Since writing my book, I have had this disease come back 2 times, a total of 3. This is rare, but I have embraced it as a part of my story. I remain faithful that all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord. And Lord KNOWS I love me some Him, so I remain faithful and do my best to trust that the word of God has a method to His madness. I have been blessed with so many new, fruitful relationships and professional opportunities since my bout with Pseudo T umor, that I can’t begin to regret having ever endured it.

I have learned to be more diligent about maintaining my work-life balance and putting my family and my health before all else…even a last minute deadline with one of my shows. I have learned to just let things be what they are and trust that the word of God is steering this ship not me. Worrying only makes trouble more troubling, so I stopped doing it.

My love and passion for what I do and who I help motivates me daily. I wake up and simply say, “alright God, let’s get it!” I use my time to sow seeds for Him. When I’m at work, I try to motivate and mentor my team. Outside of work I engage my passion for service in various community service and social activism organizations. I currently mentor young girls in Harlem through a program a friend of mine started called The Power of You Teens. Additionally, I am “Dream builder” contributor to A Better Chance, Inc., an organization that works tirelessly to increase the number of well-educated young people of color to leadership positions in the country’s most elite educational institutions. I also work on the board of Big Hearts, Big Hands (Atlanta, Ga.) and The Community Improvement Association of the Oranges (Orange, NJ), two community organizations that work to support the needs of the local community.

Lastly, I am the President and CEO of Bird’s Eye Entertainment, Inc. This corporation was created in honor of my grandmother, Birdie McFarlin, and speaks to the notion of having a keen understanding of all aspects of production: a “bird’s eye” view. It is through Bird’s Eye, that I have been able to Executive produce fun shows like The Toy Hunter on The Travel Channel, and a new project in development for MTV about the next wave of Hip Hop Icons, a “Must See,” for anyone who loves Hip Hop and the impact it has made on the world.