We have so many choices for Personal Style, yet so few of us invest in this concept. It’s not about purchasing expensive clothing or being “GUCCI” down to the socks, but rather investing in an idea that bring out the best “you”. The idea that makes you feel good each and everyday thus when others witness you, it makes them feel good too!

Spend time finding what fits your frame, what colors enhance your skin tone, hair and makes you feel your best each and everyday. No excuses. If it doesn’t fit, why do you have it??

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m still learning and growing. As someone whose weight has fluctuated, fell in love with outfits that didn’t love me back, purchased high heels I can barely walk in, practically lost my mind over a blouse or skirt that I forgot about two weeks later; I consider myself a work in progress yet try each and everyday. OThe key word is PROGRESS!  Always try show effort each day. I call my outfits “Put Togethers” because not only do I put them together it reminds me that I relay a message with each item, clothing, shoes, hairstyle, make-up, jewelry and all I wish to communicate with these items. I want to appear Put Together!

MY STYLE ICONS (To name a few)
Tracee Ellis Ross, Erykah Badu, Jenna Lyons, Lauryn Hill and Sarah Jessica Parker are amongst my favorites.

Think of your favorite piece of clothing, your favorite outfit, your favorite color and look for ways to build pieces around it. Your favorite blouse or top should go with more than one pant or skirt. Find ways for it to work with another piece maybe a different color skirt or short pants instead of long pants. If it’s a dress can you change the  accessories to give it another look. Maybe change your hair style; if you wear it down with high heeled shoes, maybe try wearing it up with sandals.

Don’t ever feel like you have to do it on your own. You have a plethora or magazines, style channels, YouTube Videos and Pinterest  photos at your disposal offering looks, suggestions and ideas that you can use. If you find it interesting why can’t it be interesting on YOU??

How is it with so many beautiful choices there are still so many people who leave their home looking …not so put together?? Let’s fix it. Make each day a choice. Decide what you want to convey and bring forward these thoughts in your appearance!  There is nothing wrong with planning your outfits, preparing items the night before work, dates, meetings or church, so you can decide on your accessories, hair make-up even your under garments. One of my favorite questions to ask myself & others ask me “What are you going to wear?” If this question becomes part of your routine you are progressing towards your own personal style.

Join me on this fabulous journey!