One of the most important part of an essential wardrobe is good fit. An outfit can be perfect in color, texture whether you got it on sale, saved up for it or maxed out your card for it; if it doesn’t fit none of that matters.

As I mentioned I’ve had weight fluctuations over the years, thus several sizes have ended up in my wardrobe. I hate when an item is too tight. I’m self conscious and spend the entire day pulling, tucking trying to make sure I’m giving those stomach muscles the workout, of their life. None of this is helpful. It’s heartbreaking when I see the cutest pants from a distance and learn they don’t have my size. When I try something on and then see myself in a full length mirror and see it’s not working. Or realize that the dress made for a B-Cup will not accommodate the DD-Cup Size. UGH! As painful as it is, let it go!

As a Stylist I always get that customer that starts to tell me how she’s bloated, this is a temporary gain or she’s on this cleansing diet that is going to have the garment fit later. *Deep Eye Roll!” That maybe true, but you never know. Even if you lose the weight how do you know it’s going to be in the places which will have your item be it’s optimum fit. Maybe your thinking, it doesn’t have to be optimum, I just want it. Come on; I want better for you. Would you go to the shoe store and purchase shoes too small with that same idea?? [Side bar, if you do, we need to have a serious discussion!] Purchase items that enhance where you are now! The only exception I allow is weddings 6 months or more away or that $3,000 gown GUCCI item for $400. Even then realize that you may have just wasted $400. trying to lose weight for an item you may never get into.


Let this sink in; Clothing That Fits Well Will Always Look Best. Even the most expensive outfit looks cheap if it doesn’t fit correctly.

An inexpensive outfit can look like a million dollars if it fits well. If you focus your energy on fit instead of size, your experience as a well dressed person will always be good. When I work with people I ask what size they wear as a general foundation. In that same respect, if someone gets so caught up in what size they wear that they will not buy an item, I think they’ve completely lost their focus. Sizing is NOT regulated by the government or industry. It is a concept organized by a company and/or designer meaning if one Designer feels a size 4 is a 26” hip and another designer thinks it’s a 26 1/2”, they’re both allowed to be right, for their label. Just because it’s right for their label, doesn’t make it right for your body.

Try on an item you love and want to buy, taking 2 sizes in the dressing room if need be. With each item it should become abundantly clear what is best. Does it pinch? Does it look Ike another person can fit in there with you? Does the item pull or look stretched? Do the shoulders droop or fall at the appropriate spot? Does the bust line stress? Do those bottoms cause discomfort in the crotch (camel toe or wedgie)? Some issues can be fixed with the proper undergarments, but not all. Make sure you have comfort and that your garment will not need an explanation and negative thought process. You should feel good in everything you wear.

A good tailor is essential. Clothing is made for the general public but you are a unique individual and that requires special detail. Maybe it’s too long, the bust fits great but the sleeves are oversized. A tailor enhances a beautiful garment by making sure it fits your body. If you have a great deal of trouble with the way items fit, it can behoove you to make friends with a good tailor. Spend the money. We should all rather have less clothing that fits well than a ton of clothing that fit.