Be mindful of meeting people where they are, even if they have yet to extend the same courtesy. Don’t for one moment ever believe that man’s choices can’t FORFEIT and OVER-RIDE the UNIVERSE’s WILL for his life. That is why there’s a PERFECTION WILL and a PERMISSIVE WILL.

The UNIVERSE, GOD, whatever your higher power is…assuming you have one and if you don’t let’s just say YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, merely presents before you two of everything… what you decide will always be up to you. ME? I roll with the Father ALL DAY LONG every day. I have learned my obedience is better than my sacrifice.!

It seems as if brothers and sisters need to be reminded of the FRUITS of the SPIRIT… They are LOVE, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL…. If those are not your fruits, then I have no choice but to question your roots.

Change never feels good, but it is always ALL GOOD… because if things are changing, that means you are shifting into the new or growing into the now.

The only enemy man has is the one he’s created for himself, and that usually starts from within.

Living a life of HONOR is a skill set very few even ATTEMPT to master.

Remember that love covers a multitude of faults and sins. Those who have difficulty living in the love vibration have yet to understand that they are more than their FAULTS and SINS. BOOM!

If we as believers live comfortably in the space and place of non-believers, doing as they do, what then exactly are we called to do and be?

LOVE those who are hurt, angered, frustrated, and hostile. Sympathize for those who have yet to learn self-control and compassion towards other human beings. Learn the vibration of insecurity and intimidation. RECOGNIZE and then LOVE the person who has yet to come to the understanding of SELF.

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