Which person are you? Are you someone who enjoys the simplicity of neutral wears or going bigger than life by mixing up patterns? I think most of us are in the middle, but there is a great deal of fun and gratification in developing a specific style of wear.


This is an individual who prefers always to mix their plaids, stripes, and florals. Their style of dress is their own. They focus on patterns and color with silhouettes being secondary. It takes confidence and a keen eye to be useful!


This person is seen much more often but is also very specific. Focus on creams, tan, camels, browns, and grays. While black can be used, I think there would be a “flag on the play” to refer to them as a neutral person. If your focus is black, as this is the absence of color and much simpler to pull off. While the person who wears black is specific, they are also more common.


These types of people are so different and specific. What I like about them is that they are visually durable, eye-catching, and exude a sense of determination just by walking down the street. 

I strive for a specific and robust appearance and think I do a pretty good job with both; however, I’m talking about a person who shows this manner of dressing from their soul! They are always covered in this look, and their entire wardrobe shows this value, and every piece they add will only increase the visual personality.


The neutral personal is the essence of a minimalist. While they may layer, each piece has a substantial impact on the silhouette. As a New Yorker, we think of ourselves as minimalist, but I beg to differ. Most New Yorkers are focused on basic black for ease. The minimalist will use a gray, camel, taupe, cream, tan, brown, and white and only these colors into their appearance, which is a much stronger commitment and more challenging to pull off.

There is an art to mixing these ideas and making them dynamic. It would be easy to add in color or print to this dressing, yet minimalist wants to show the excellent strength of the garment and how it highlights “you” as a person.

If you are interested in dressing in this manner, start by reviewing what you already own and how the pieces can work together. Top and bottoms may be comfortable to bring together, but an essential part of this wardrobe is outerwear. If you commit to this lifestyle, look for a coat or coats that fully express your concept. Black is easy and basic, camel-colored is more of a commitment, brown, tan, and winter white are for the hardcore and more challenging to find and implement. I applaud your efforts and fully support your vision. Realize that each piece you add should bring peace to your concept, and this your full expression and experience.


Now you would think our pattern person would have a natural lifestyle; put a bunch of stuff together and keep it moving. A pattern clashed person is anything but simple. I find this person to have a strong sense of focus and artistic value. This person is healthy willed but feels no need to convince you of their thought process. They’re no wallflower, but they don’t feel the need to beg for your attention either. They chose to let you come to them in a social, physical, and spiritual sense.

Dressing in a pattern clash manner is a very personal choice. No one can tell you what is “right or wrong” however, too many ideas can quickly go from fashion-forward to a circus clown. Make sure you’re not the latter.


In being the pattern clash individual and having a focus on this idea, I believe the cohesion is in color. You may mix different patterns of different plaids, stripes, and florals, but if you make sure that there is a similarity in the wash, you will send the best message and show there is still focus in your mix. 

Don’t be afraid to add a stable neutral to your idea. It can help ground your message, especially if you’re new to this idea. I think a gray sweater or navy blazer can still convey your message and not take away your intent.


You choose to show yourself as a neutral body focused on the silhouette and strength of the minimal or an artistic venue by pattern clashing and letting your spirit be the light. YOU are still the most crucial element of your clothes!

Happy Expressing!♥️